Jasmine of K-Town on doing NYE her way

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Jasmine Chang’s mask from NYE 2012. Courtesy of Jasmine Chang.

Jasmine is no wallflower at a party. But even K-Town‘s wildchild likes some down-time and a refresher once in a while. What does that mean for her this New Year’s Eve?

I have no idea but I’m tired of the same New Year’s Eve parties. Feel like doing something new and fun! Possibly snowboarding?

That would actually make a great K-Town episode. The gang goes to a ski village and hits the slopes, following it up with soju in a hot tub.

When asked what she plans to wear, Jasmine showed off her cuddly side:

“My Good ol’ Snuggie!”

A total departure from last year.

“It was a NYE Masquerade party! I personalized my own mask with paint/ glitter & rhinestones. Do you like it?”

It’s gorgeous, Jasmine! By the way, what colour is your snuggie? See (her sister) Christine’s mask, at last year’s NYE.


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