K-Town’s Violet Kim on When She Feels the Most American + Purse Spill

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Over the past two seasons, we’ve seen the cast of K-Town display their dual identity as Asian Americans through their traditional and at times, not so traditional behavior. So, we thought we would ask Violet when she feels the most Korean, American, and a blend of the two.

“I feel the most Korean when I’m with non-Koreans because that is when I notice the cultural and traditional differences in my behavior.

“I feel the most American when I’m with my family. My idiosyncrasies have become more westernized due to the majority of my interactions being with non- traditional Koreans. I find myself quickly during family gatherings and help in the duties of being around elders. Respect always comes first.

“I’m the perfect combination of a Korean American around my boyfriend. I do my womanly duties to cater to him at all times like a traditional Korean but, our interactions are very American in the way we communicate and experience life together. He takes Korean [language] lessons so it helps me stay connected to my culture.”

As an added bonus, we asked Violet to spill her purse so we could take a look at what she carries around on the daily. They say that you can tell a lot about a woman from inside her purse!

Photo courtesy of Violet Kim. Click image to enlarge

Inside Violet’s purse:

  • Wallet
  • Car keys
  • Keys to boyfriend’s home
  • Plug for iPhone charger
  • Catalina Su lip gloss
  • Gum
  • Allergy medicine (been breaking out in hives)
  • Pen
  • Matches (a lady should always carry some)


She seems to be a conventional woman when it comes to her purse with nothing out of the ordinary and only carrying around the bare necessities (except for those matches – I wonder what those are for!). Yes, the key to your boyfriend’s house can be a necessity. I should really learn from her as I’ve had one too many incidences not being able to find anything in my purse!

Kristi Choi is studying Sociology and International Relations at UBC with an interest in international development. You can reach her on Twitter @KristiChoi.



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