Fei Fei Sun: Vogue’s First Chinese Cover Model

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Photo courtesy of Vogue Italia

Classic and effortless. Glamorous and beautiful. These are the words that describe Fei Fei Sun’s cover photo on Vogue Italia‘s January 2013 issue. Sun is the first-ever Chinese cover model to grace the cover’s of Vogue, which is unarguably an important milestone. Sun’s photo elegantly declares to the world that we are entering into a time of multiculturalism in fashion—a time where beauty will have no racial limits.

While I acknowledge this as a significant moment for diversity within the fashion industry, I would prefer that people focus less on the race, and really look into the unique spirit that Sun has brought towards the fashion industry.

Photo courtesy of Vogue Italia

It’s absurd to say that her skin color is too pale to resemble an Asian or her makeup was too western. A model’s job is to present the attitude and image of a brand or theme. In this case, the theme was to bring back the “timeless idea of an exceptionally chic, beautiful woman.” I think Sun did a wonderful job in portraying the legendary 60’s model China Machado.

I personally love the set of photos. I adore the elegant hairstyle of the 60’s, and I think Sun’s beauty is flawless. I don’t mind that the fashion and makeup editors didn’t come up with a “typical” Asian style or makeup; her eyes and body convey a quiet confidence that is very different from other European models. A photo that tells a story attracts people’s attention, and a good model knows how to tell stories through their eyes and postures. Sun’s Chinese heritage allows her to convey her story with an unconventional charm that has sparked a reaction within the fashion industry.

Vogue Italia has expressed that the fashion industry will be entering the multicultural era in 2013—and Sun has proved this fact to ring true.

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