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Schema is on Pinterest! Pinterest is like a visual bookmarks bulletin board, and you definitely don’t want to miss any of our pins. Check out my top ten Schema pins!


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I always spend a lot of time debating back and forth over what font to use (usually on things like notes and memos other things that no one but me sees..) and now there are puppies that go with each font! I don’t know if this makes choosing a font easier or more difficult. (Puppies!!)


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Because you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous dress, especially not while in Paris.


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This is the art of chindogu, built entirely on the belief that someone, somewhere out there, might find a ridiculous invention useful. I will never get tired of seeing strange new inventions.


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This is a movie that has it all – a great cast, stellar director, CGI tiger, and some really fantastic cinematography. I watched the whole entire Golden Globes show this year – for the first time! – and now I’m inspired to see all the winning movies, and this looks like a great place to start.


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Not for the beginner interior decorator, but imagine having this on your wall! I’m saving this to my “when I have my own condo” file, even though I can’t even take care of a cilantro plant, let alone an entire wall of plants.


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The Olympics have ended, but revisiting why they were great will never get old. We had 277 reasons to love the Olympics: namely, team Canada’s multicultural team of athletes. I’m more of a winter-sports person than summer-sports, but I’m always a fan of our team!


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I’m a big hockey fan, so NHL articles always catch my eye, and this NHL prospect takes such an admiral approach to being a biracial player, he’s reason number eight thousand and one that I love hockey.


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I love doing my nails, and these are like little works of art! My favourites are the ones patterned like lace, because they’re so intricate and gorgeous.


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In Kenya, there’s a hotel called the Giraffe Manor where guests can enjoy the view, live with giraffes, make a contribution to the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife, and live with giraffes.


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I’m a total foodie, and this article has me counting down the days to summer – I especially can’t wait to go to the Soho Road Naan Kebab truck, because the tandoori chicken kebabs sound awesome.


Sara is from a small northern California town that is less than six square miles in size. She has to teach people how to pronounce her Arabic name right after explaining how her family has roots in BC that go back generations. Sara is the fifth person in her family to attend UBC, where she is majoring in English, minoring in Critical Studies in Sexuality, and captaining an intramural ice hockey team, which she takes as seriously as her studies. You can follow her on twitter, @sara_goldie8



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