Best and Worst Valentine’s Days For K-Town’s Cast Members

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Ktown 2013 Cast
Ktown 2013 Cast

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How are you spending Valentine’s Day? Do you spend it blissfully with wine and chocolate or bitterly with a cleansing bonfire to burn all items from your ex-boyfriends? Schema Magazine asked cast members of K-Town what their best and worst Valentine’s days are:


Joe Cha:

I’m not a big V-Day person.

Violet Kim:

The worst Valentine’s day would had to have been when my boyfriend at the time didn’t plan anything! I don’t remember a best because nothing has been good enough.

Christine Chang:

Best: When I spent it with Jasmine watching the Roots. We had one too many drinks and ended up leaving the concert tripping then rolling down the stairs together.

Worst: I made a huge heart shaped card with heresy’s kisses around the border for a high school crush and hid it in my closet to give to him. Only to find out that my punk ass little sister ate ALL the chocolate and tried to twist the foil back like she never did it. I KNOW YOU DID IT JASMINE!!!!

Jasmine Chang:

BEST: In 8th grade, somebody hid a huge heart shaped card with Hershey’s kisses in my closet so I ATE IT ALL and nobody knew! I HAD THE BEST VALENTINES DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!

WORST: Every year I’m always that 3rd, 5th, 7th, 11th wheel to someone’s valentines romantic dinner.

Steve Kim:

Best: Started off without a date and ended up a meeting a girl who was seated next to our table, and we hit it off. She was the cutest, most down to earth girl ever. We had a great time.

Worst: Took a girl out to just a simple dinner and then drinks after, then she got hammered and threw up under the table. She was a mess. A nightmare.

Young Lee:

Best Valentine’s Day is going out clubbing with the boys and making valentines.

Worst valentines day was, back in high school this girl gave me a flower and I was so freaking happy so I totally thought she liked me and I told all my friends and I was acting so cool and then I realized she gave it to everyone.

We hope that gives you some ideas on how to spend the big day! Whether you love it or hate it, there’s always going to be some annoying classmate or co-worker who receives an obscene amount of flowers, chocolates, or even diamonds. We’ll just have to deal with it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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