Reality Check: Dodge RAM’s Superbowl Ad Lost in the Past

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It’s no secret that immigration policy in the United States is something that gets a lot of people worked up, and rightly so—President Obama has touched on the issue in his state of the union speech. It looks like America has a lot of things to figure out when it comes to immigration reform.

Strangely, some people seem to have a difficult time grappling with the reality of immigration. Immigrant workers, whether legal or “undocumented”, contribute greatly to economic growth in the United States, and farmers from South America and Mexico is something the agricultural industry depends on in America (and Canada, for that matter).

Given these facts, many people were perplexed when the Superbowl ad, featuring images of farmers and an audio track of Paul Harvey recounting the virtues of farmers was aired. It’s not because of the concept (though I felt it was a bit cheesy), but because the images of farmers seemed to have come from a totally different time. All the farmers were visibly white in appearance and demeanour, except for one or two black farmers. Pretty incredible considering the state of things on the ground, no?

The people at Latino Rebels have put together a video that is more factual in its representation of who works farms in the US.


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