Nadia Hatta: Breakup Remedy and Post-Valentine’s Day chat

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Nadia Hatta, the host of MTV China in Beijing and Schema’s close friend, is here to chat with us again!

Remember when Nadia Hatta shared with us some tips on being fought over? We caught up with her again, but this time to see what she has in mind for getting over a break up.

For Nadia, an end always means a new beginning:

“Breakups are an opportunity for rebirth!!”

“Avert your attention to your career, and to love yourself even more. Remember, gals, you’re a Queen so don’t settle unless you find the King.”

With the recent passing of Valentine’s Day, we asked Nadia to share her worst and best Valentine’s Day experience. For Nadia, both the worst and the best Valentine’s Day experience happened on a first date. Her experiences should give some of our male readers a little advice on how to step-up their game.

“My worse Valentine’s Day was a first date, with a guy who asked me to dinner and kept talking about what a great documentary filmmaker he was and how he would like to follow me around for two years and make a reality show out of me.”


Nadia’s first piece of advice is even if you are really talented, don’t creep your date out in your conversation, especially giving a stalker-vibe. That is very hard to recover from once it is established.


“When the bill came, he didn’t bring enough money so asked me to put it on my card. Then tried to make a move on me even when I was clear that this date was a disaster.”

You think bringing a wallet with a valid credit card in it shouldn’t be too hard? And it’s worst when the guys pretend the mistake didn’t happen. “[Being] selfish and thoughtless makes a man unattractive. I should have stayed in to watch rom-coms.”

True, first dates can be quite disastrous, but if you are willing to take a risk, it can also be an incredible experience.

“My best Valentines Day was also a first date was when someone made me gourmet meal out of scratch, remembering I was vegetarian and even made chocolate mousse and put a rose inside it.”

“It was the thought behind it and the attention to detail that made me see this gesture as sincere!!!”

A homemade dinner is a big plus, but you don’t have to know how to cook well to win her heart. Pay attention to details because women always LOVE thoughtful gentlemen.


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