Top 10 Pinterest Posts from Schema | March Edition

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I love pinning! Following people with similar tastes and sharing our treasure hunt for beautifully stunning, dreamy images that take us away from our sometimes mundane realities is the perfect pick-me-up.

Here are my top 10 favourite pins for the month. If this list leaves you wanting for more, make sure to check out Schema’s Pinterest account and follow us on our visual exploration of all things ethnic cool!

1. [Global Eats] Cheeky Buns: Taiwanese Food Truck

Following food trucks is one of my favourite ways to eat like a local and experience a local community’s creativity!

2. [Global Eats] Japadog in Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver’s pride & joy, our precious Japadog! I post pictures like this every once and a while on my Facebook, and they never fail in attracting my foodie friends to come visit me in Vancouver.

3. [World of Art] Naoshima, Japan

Naoshima is a small island known for its many contemporary art pieces, scattered throughout the island. A wonderful testimony of what artists can do to contribute to the local community and economy.

4. [Schema Street Style] Monde de Chevval

High-waisted jean shorts, brilliant blue Ash sneakers. A simple, comfy, pretty look for Spring!

5. [Global Eats] How To Make The Best Japanese Curry Rice

Japanese curry has a hint of fruity sweetness that makes it my favourite curry choice. So easy to make that if I know I have a busy week ahead, I will make a curry stew like this and eat it for the next few days.

6. [Photo Capture] Decaying Roses, 2012 by Billy Kidd

I collect flowers images everywhere I go and pin them onto Pinterest. “Decaying Roses” by Billy Kidd is my most recent find that I love.

7. [Delightful Design] the dog house sofa by Seungji Mun

Designed by Korean designer Seungji Mun, “the dog house sofa” is created to serve the coexistence of people and their pets.

8. [Fashion & Style] Black High Heels

Beautiful black high heels are timeless, a true fashion staple.

9. [Delightful Design] Pretty Packaging

Sometimes package design makes a drink look so beautiful that I would just buy it and admire it. I’m not a juice drinker, but a design fan.

10. [World of Art] PANTONE PAIRINGS: Classic Food Combinations Make Art

David Schwen made Pantone colours relevant to everyone by matching Pantone colour chips with everyday food pairings, like peas and carrots. Designer’s magic!


As the first and only member of her family living in North America, Jessica constantly finds herself as not just a language interpreter, but also a cultural translator. You can follow her on Twitter @JaessicaLin or on Instagram @sicilywonder.

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