Dal Puri Diaspora Screens in Vancouver | June 9, 2013

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We first caught this “foodie fantasy” back in November 2012 at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival and it’s coming to Vancouver this summer to tease our senses and tempt us to scour our own city for all that is sizzling satisfying, and international. Just in time, too, for a bit of inspiration to change up the aroma of our own June BBQ: chutney, chilli powder, or tamarind, perhaps?

Reminiscing about family meals back home in Trinidad triggered Richard Fung’s trek across three continents to bring attention to the origins of his favorite cuisine: dal puri roti. The dish, in a nutshell, is a flat bread that enfolds a mash of steaming chickpeas, potatoes, and spices. Nevertheless, its variations are ever-changing in different regions, and from households to restaurants. In Toronto, Fung’s current hometown, the dal puri he enjoys at a local joint is considered Caribbean, while in the Caribbean it is considered Indian. Inspired by the version he remembers from childhood, Fung sets out on a documented journey in search of dal puri’s origins – and turns out, it’s not so easy.

Throughout his travels, Fung successfully casts a spotlight on the circulation of food in our modern and all-encompassing cuisine culture where authenticity is rare and hybrid dishes run rampant.

In her review on SchemaMag.ca, Billie Ann Woo writes, “In discovering the roots of his favorite dish he was able to find out how food is not just nourishment but highly symbolic.”

This time around, not only will the Roundhouse Community of Arts & Recreation feature a free screening of the award winning film Dal Puri Diaspora  but Richard Fung will be present to speak about the film’s making. Michelle Jacques, the Greater Vancouver Art Gallery Chief Curator and Professor Sneja Gunew, of UBC’s English and Women’s Studies department, will be joining the conversation.

Do join us!

1:00pm on Sunday June 9, 2013
Roundhouse Community of Arts & Recreation Centre
181 Roundhouse Mews, Vancouver

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