Toronto’s Top 5 Ethnic Cool Restaurants: Krepesz (#3)

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Photo courtesy of Caroline Teng
Photo courtesy of Caroline Teng

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A small café with a simple patio is easy to miss especially in a place like Kensington Market. I chanced upon Krepesz one Friday afternoon when I was looking for a place I could sit in for some time to read.

Krepesz is a family-owned café that serves both sweet and savoury Hungarian crepes -“palacsinta“. The family is friendly with customers and service is quick and efficient. For just nine dollars (including tax) you can get a crepe that literally has a taste of Hungary in it. . Their savoury crepes are more characteristic of Hungarian cuisine than the sweet crepes – they are made with Hungarian spices and secret ingredients. But no matter which one you pick, the crepe itself is light and you don’t get that terribly bloated feeling when you’re done with your meal. They also serve a Hungarian pastry called a ‘chimney cake’ with coffee as a combo for $4.99.

Although Krepesz looks like a place you could sit down with a coffee and read a book in, it does get a steady number of guests and can get rather noisy inside. Although having said that, one should always bring a friend, rather than a book, when eating something like Hungarian crepes at Kensington Market.

253 Augusta Ave
Toronto, ON M5T 2L8

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