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Esther Frid holds "El Atardecer de la Vida," a book she wrote about the stories of seven senior Latin American women living in Canada

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Editorial Internship Program
NAAAP Toronto & Schema Magazine

Organization Type: Volunteer with Not for Profit Organizations
Job Title: Editorial Associate / Research Intern

SchemaMag with NAAAP Toronto is accepting applications from students and graduates for its editorial internship program.  Interns are placed in a volunteer capacity and receive practical experience in critical writing and analysis, research, fact checking, and the general workings of a national ezine. Editorial Associates are immersed in all aspects of ezine operations supporting the Senior Editors for all aspects of the website’s content streams including coverage of special events.  An orientation will include an overview of the program, general editorial guidelines and expectations.

SchemaMag and NAAAP Toronto are dedicated to providing interns with a rich learning experience. They are an invaluable part of our team, and are included in full executive meetings, section meetings, brainstorming sessions, etc.  We provide challenging tasks, great opportunities for active learning and supervision to help monitor progress to ensure practical professional development.  Editorial Associate Internship may progress and graduate to more substantial and senior editorial roles.

– Supporting the editorial coordination of Schema’s coverage of special events like film festivals and conventions;
– Supporting the editorial coordination and coverage of NAAAP Toronto events
– Providing Administrative Support to the Editor in Chief and Contributing Editors
– “Coolhunting” and scouring external websites and building relationships with bloggers from other sites to seek articles, events, and tidbits that would be suitable to be included on Schema’s Daily Dose of Ethnic Cool
– Sending out contributor communications
– Booking editorial meetings and updating the editorial calendar
– Updating the website’s content when needed.

– Strong research skills
– Strong written communication and interpersonal skills
– Ability to make deadlines
– Interest and/or familiarity with Canada’s multicultural issues, the Canadian identity, and the concept of cultural navigators
– Fun to be around
– Ultimately lives or grasps the Cultural Navigator perspective.
– Prior blogging experience an asset.

About SchemaMag |

SchemaMag is about being more than ethnic. Like you, we’re “Cultural Navigators”­we’re constantly moving through a complex and inspiring web of cultures. Like you, Schema is a blend of things: a little bit of identity stuff, what’s happening to you right now, and why you’re important in today’s cutting edge and mainstream. Like you, Schema is a signpost, a hub, and a connecting point to all your possible directions as a cultural innovator.

Being a Cultural Navigator – Canada is a messy, invigorating polyglot of mongrels, pure-breeds and race-mixers. But we are also more than that. More than Bruce Lee. More than Bob Marley. More than Bollywood. You belong to no one tribe. You’re naan, adobo and bubble tea. You are comfortable in your skin and comfortable with other skins marching to the beats of their own drums. Or tablas. Or djembes. Constantly moving, your life is about bursting through ceilings and taking diversity with you.

About NAAAP Toronto |

NAAAP (North American Association of Asian Professionals) Toronto is a not for profit volunteered-based association which aims to provide Pan Asian professionals with a forum to cultivate leadership, professional development and workplace diversity.  As an integral Canadian Chapter in an International organization, NAAAP (National Association of Asian American Professionals) is uniquely positioned to leverage and mobilize the talents, inputs and resources of an Asian professional community that spans coast to coast, encompassing over 25 cities in Canada and the United States.

NAAAP Toronto’s membership includes working professionals from 25 to 50 with various levels of education, professional and business backgrounds.  With a vision of “We Make Leaders!”, NAAAP Toronto delivers an exciting regular schedule of events, networking mixers, a mentorship program, monthly seminars and workshops on a variety of topical subjects.  In collaborating with community-based service groups, joint projects with businesses associations and other peer professional organizations, NAAAP Toronto actively promotes community involvement.

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