Your Kontinent Festival: Films, Art and Nagasari at Indonesian Night

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We’re excited to be attending Your Kontinent festival’s Indonesian Night on Thursday, July 25th, which will showcase the creative talents of the Indonesian diaspora with two film screenings and a digital art display.


The two self-financed films are tales exploring family, Indonesian-Canadian culture, and heritage, albeit each from a distinct angle.


Kimchi Fried Dumplings, a short film written and directed by Jason Karman, tells the story of Carl returning home for Christmas with a new boyfriend, and the unexpected hostility he faces from his younger brother Tim, who feels resentful for being left to take care of their parents. Karman began his film career as a documentary video maker before delving into narrative films in 2005, and has had his works screened domestically and internationally.


Nagasari, directed by Eduardus Pradipto and Christopher Hanno, is about an Indonesian family in Calgary that struggles to stay together in the aftermath of losing a mother. As the two daughters retrace Indonesian cultural tradition to deal with their father’s depression, the film illustrates the richness of Javanese heritage.


The films will be followed by “Exuberant Jawa,” a creative Batik display and video montage of Indonesia’s landscape. We’ll also be stuffing our faces with Nagasari, the symbolic food featured in Pradipto and Hanno’s film, which will be available at the Rooftop Beer Garden at the end of the evening.


Online tickets for Indonesian Night are $8, and must be purchased before 9:00am on the day of the event. Visit the Your Kontinent Festival website for more details!

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