Linsanity Headlines AAIFF’13 in NYC This Week

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Unless you were living under a rock for the past two NBA seasons, you know who Jeremy Lin is. What you might not have known is the 2013 Asian American International Film Festival (AAIFF’13) is happening this week in New York City (July 24 – August 3) and yup — you guessed it — LINSANITY (a documentary about Lin’s unlikely rise to stardom) is the opening night feature.

In February 2012, Lin, now the starting point guard for the Houston Rockets, emerged from relative obscurity to become an overnight basketball celebrity while playing for the New York Knicks. I wrote a story about the incredible first week of Linsanity for Schema (Feb. 11). And then he played out of his mind for a second consecutive week, so I wrote another article. Then week 3 came along and Lin started coming back to reality (still wrote an article though). We’ve also done a number of other articles on him since then.

It was during that unbelievable stretch of games (see his point and assist totals for his first 10 starts, above), dubbed Linsanity, that Jeremy Lin became a household name.

So it’s fitting that a movie about him, the first Chinese American to play in the NBA, is featured at AAIFF’13, in New York City — the city where he made propelled himself to stardom.

What’s cool about this movie is (as director Evan Jackson Leong explains in the trailer) the film crew followed his progress as an undrafted free agent with the Golden State Warriors, and then with the Houston Rockets, and then with the Knicks, “and then… the moment that changed everything.” Leong and his crew were there for the whole thing. Their behind-the-scenes access definitely gives LINSANITY a unique look at the player, the person and the circumstances that made for one of the most compelling sports stories in recent years.

If you get a chance to catch the screening, be sure to check it out.

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