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Director: Karen LAM | 2010 | CANADA | 100 mins | BC Premiere
SCREENING: Wednesday July 24, 2013 | 9:30pm

I am not a fan of horror movies. I usually have to switch the channel whenever a 30 sec trailer pops up on T.V. Although I was reluctant at first to watch the film Stained, thinking it would give me nightmares, I’m actually glad I watched it. This film changed how I feel about the horror and thriller genres.

A combination of thriller, horror and suspense, the storyline of Stained is intriguing and hooks you to the end.

Isabelle owns a small bookstore that is on the verge of closing down. She has one cat in the store and two cats living with her. Jennifer, Isabelle’s foster sister becomes increasing anxious about Isabelle’s condition, especially when Isabelle’s abusive ex-boyfriend reappears in her life. She drives across the country to see Jennifer, and must confront the horrors of their past.

Stained is written and directed by Karen Lam, a Vancouver-based filmmaker. The film has a subtle characteristic; Lam builds the story layer by layer through flashbacks and repetition. In the male-dominated world of horror-films, Lam successfully carves her own niche.

Stained lingers with you, but not in a terrifying way. It is more artful than the typical horror film, which tends to rely on shock value. While the storylines in the horror genre tends to scare the female audience (or maybe just me), Stained is appealing because there is a sense of empowerment. It challenges the prevailing male perspective in the horror genre.

This film is perfect if you’d like to confront your fear of horror movies (like me). For horror and thriller fans, you should also see how Lam puts her own twist on the genre in Stained.

The BC premier of Stained will be on July 24th at 9:30pm, at Your Kontinent Festival.


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