Hairstyles: More Than Fashion Trends

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By Jessica Lin



With autumn upon us (and a new school year for some), I paid a visit to Alpha D Hair Salon to chat with director Taka Murakami about this season’s trends in hairstyles.

Instead of giving advice on the hottest hair trends, Taka’s philosophy is to find the best hairstyle and colour for each individual’s face shape, skin tone, and makeup style. He tells us, “to me, what is important is to find a hairstyle that matches their styles, personalities and personal tastes.”The answer was nothing like what I had expected.

IMG_9374To demonstrates his idea, Taka looked at my makeup and said, “your have pink cheeks which is suitable for your light hair colour, but if your lighter hair colour was on (our editor) Kayo’s face, it wouldn’t look as nice.” While certain colours might be on trend, Taka believes that you should first and foremost take your skin tone and makeup style into consideration when picking a hair colour.

“I can always give you the information on what is trendy in this season, but in the end very few costumers would actually take the adventure.”

Compared to other big cities, like New York, London or Tokyo, people in Vancouver are generally less adventurous when it comes to getting a new hairstyle. “People who work here tend to have a tidy, professional looking.” Taka pointed at my ombré hair colour and said, “bosses here might not like your hair colour.”

Talking about diversity in hairstyles, Taka says of Vancouver, “It’s boring. For me as a hairstylist, there’s no chance to do things that are extravagant.”

“In Tokyo, young people are very willing to try new hairstyles and make themselves look different. But here, I found young people prefer similar styles.” Taka also attributes this to the lack of new technologies, new techniques and new hair products in Vancouver salons, as compared to other large cities around the world.


While there may be obstacles that keep Vancouverites from taking on the latest hairstyle trends, Taka is determined to overcome the challenge. By bringing new technologies and hair products to Vancouver, Taka hopes to stir up the city’s adventurous spirit. After introducing the latest and greatest perm technology to Vancouver last December, Taka is now on a trip in Japan for a hairstyle conference. We are excited to hear from Taka again when he comes back and share with us the new technologies, hairstyles and hair products!

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