VAFF 2013: Someone I Used to Know

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Someone I Used to Know
Director Nadine TRUONG | 2013 | USA | 81 mins
SCREENING: Saturday November 9, 2013 | 10:00 pm

Someone I Used to Know, previously named Nightdreamblues, depicts the reunion of three former high school friends in L.A.: Charlie (West Liang), having recently lost his girlfriend, his job and almost his life, reconnects with his best friends Luke (Brian Yang) and Danny (Eddie Mui). Luke is now a successful actor, and Danny is still the rich boy. Joined by three girls (Emily Chang, Kara Crane and Rex Lee) and countless drinks, the reunion became a night filled with revelations and recriminations.


This story is written by West Liang, who is clearly passionate about his artistic process in the creation of this film.

The director Nadine Truong is a German-born Vietnamese filmmaker. Her directorial credits include Chopsticks, The Muse, One Never Knows, Mine, and Sushi. In 2006, she received the “Armed with A Camera” grant under the Visual Communications for Asian Pacific fellowship program. Nadine definitely has a unique perspective, and the cast of the film has commented on Nadine’s leadership and directorial abilities. She has a clear vision for the film and is focused on translating that to the team.

Brian Yang is most known for his role in Hawaii Five-O as Charlie Fong. In an interview with Asians on Film, he explains that the film resonated with him because it highlights Asian American males. He produced and acted in Someone, in addition to producing Linsanity, the 2012 Jeremy Lin documentary directed by Evan Jackson Leong.

Someone I Used to Know is not only about reconnecting with old friends, but also about identities, dreams, love and relationships. The film puts Asian American males under the spotlight and shares their difficulties in growing up, finding themselves, achieving success and establishing an identity.

The movie will be screening Saturday, November 9th and 10:00 pm at Vancouver Asian Film Festival.

Originally reviewed for the Asian American International Film Festival in New York.

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