The 12 most infamous racist tweets: ‘Twitter attacks’ on Asians

Posted by Stuart W. Leung & filed under Current Affairs.


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Outside of telepathy, is there a better tool than Twitter that allows one to peek into the minds of complete strangers?

Okay, Twitter is not quite reading minds but it comes closest to gathering unfiltered comments, outbursts, knee-jerk reactions, and fleeting thoughts at scale.

And all it takes is a quick search of an event or a hashtag to gain insight into the collective mindset.

What first came to tweeple’s mind when they heard about the Asiana Airlines crash?

How did the Twitterverse react to the movie ‘Olympus Has Fallen’?

What did Tweenagers think of Lorde’s Asian boyfriend?

What was the Twitterspehere’s overall reaction to the new Miss America?

Stuart is a 1st-gen Chinese-American working in Technology, He is the editor/owner of Interbasket, and has contributed work to Asian Week, Model Minority, Asian American Film, and This is Tight. When not writing about race, basketball, or technology, Stuart is talking about race, playing basketball, or fidgeting with technology. You can follow him @steuwart

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