7 reasons why you should see ‘Linsanity’ in Toronto | January 24, 2014

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Credit: vaff.org
Credit: vaff.org

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Linsanity finally opens in Toronto on Friday, January 24th, at Bloor Hot Docs Cinema.

More than just a film for basketball addicts, Linsanity tells a story about both the birth of a hero and pop culture phenomenon, and the perception of race in today’s media. Jeremy Lin inspires the world when he shows us how a strong work ethic and devotion to faith and family are what counts, even in the midst of fame, hype, and fan hysteria.

Here are 7 reasons why you should watch Linsanity when it screens at Hot Docs:

1. It’s a heartwarming story of an Asian-American who went from underdog to your not so typical NBA-star. #epic

2. Race shouldn’t be a barrier to anybody’s career, but when it comes to sports, race often is. See Jeremy Lin’s non-traditional rise to playing with NBA All-Stars.

3. Kind of unbelievable. This once undrafted NBA bench warmer went on to play for the Houston Rockets along-side All-stars like Dwight Howard!

4. For any Taiwanese JLin fans in Toronto, don’t pass up this opportunity to witness this humble story of the first American of Taiwanese descent to play for the NBA.

5. Daniel Dae Kim is a Jeremy Lin fan. OK, I said it.

6. Ladies, Jeremy Lin is … single! But beware, there are many out there who’ve already got a Linsane crush on this rising basketball star.

7. Jeremy Lin is even a Youtuber! He earns extra points for being just  like the rest of us.

Still not convinced? Read Schema’s review of Linsanity.

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