Top 10 List of Unconventional Places to Make Out

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Photograph: Rich Lam/Getty Images
Photograph: Rich Lam/Getty Images

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Valentine’s Day is coming up so we compiled a list of unconventional places to make out! I’m sure all of you are pretty sick of making out at Stanley Park.

1) Your high school, because there’s nothing like reliving the days when all you wanted to do was make out with your crush. Now you can actually do it. Yay! Very a-la-Never Been Kissed.

2) At dim sum. You’ll feel super badass (like you’re defying your hardcore Asian mom) amidst the food carts, the loud Chinese chatter, and the disapproving looks.

3) In a bathroom stall. Even if you don’t go all the way, it’s fun to make people think you are.

4) In the rain, anywhere. It’s Vancouver. It’s February. There will be a 90 percent chance it’s going to rain. You might as well make it a Notebook moment instead of complaining about the weather.

5) While watching a horror movie. Nothing like blood and guts to make you appreciate your date! At least you’re alive and not haunted by some lady in black.

6) On the skytrain or the 99 B-line. Ride it from Waterfront to Surrey Central or from Broadway/Commercial to UBC. True love means being able to ignore the homeless guy with the bag of smelly cans mumbling near you.

7) In front of a yoga studio. Distract people from their zen state with really inappropriate public displays of affection. You’re actually challenging their practice and channelling their focus. For reals.

8) At the aquarium. Fat beluga whales and sea otters make hearts melt. It’s scientifically proven.

9) At a wedding. Upstage the couple. They’ll love it! Okay, maybe they won’t. Just tell them you’re so inspired by their love each other, you couldn’t resist.

10) In front of an adult video store. You don’t need to go inside! You’ve got the hots for each other, not the woman with comically huge breasts or the man with the enormous phallus in those DVD’s.


Originally published February 8, 2012

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Vinnie Yuen
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