Going Green with Wong Fu

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These days, environmental sustainability is a commonly advocated message. Ads, commercials, and other media sources will constantly remind you of the 3 R’s: reuse, reduce, recycle. But other than just recycling pop cans and water bottles, how often do we remember all the other methods to be more eco-friendly? Just little things that can be done on a daily basis like turning off the lights when you leave a room, using less toilet paper, or even towel drying your hair can really make a big difference in sustaining our environment.

In encouraging their viewers, their fans, and the rest of us to be more green, Wong Fu Productions has created three short videos on different ways one can live more eco-friendly lifestyles with practices that can help promote sustainability; this was done as part of the Ecomagination Youtube Challenge sponsored by GE and Howcast. Their three ideas, all suggested from their fans, include minimizing the number of times you flush a toilet, reusing paper towels, and unplugging unused electronic devices/turning off all electronic devices for at least an hour each day. Take a look at these three videos below:

Video #1: What the Flush?!

Video #2: Water Ain’t No Thang!

Video #3: Lights Out

Go green with Wong Fu and inspire others with these videos on how to be more eco-friendly!

For more inspiring videos and information on environmental sustainability, visit Ecomagination‘s YouTube channel. As well, Wong Fu Productions is always making new videos to inspire all of us; to check them out, subscribe to their YouTube channel and visit their website.

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