Top-10 Corniest Valentines Day Pun-ishing Gift Ideas

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Puns are always appropriate.  That has never been up for debate, but they’re an especially perfect way to lighten up a serious and intimate holiday like Valentine’s Day.  Personally, I’m just looking for a way to say that I’m punnier than I think I get credit for, but that’s just me and my propunsity toward bad humour.  All these puns work as great gift ideas too.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

1.  You’re my cup of tea

Japanese Blooming Tea

Japanese Blooming Tea –

You’ve got options here.  There’s the expected box of tea, a new travel tea mug, beautiful Japanese blooming tea, OR you could switch it up and put some golf tees inside a tea pot and wrap it in a T-shirt.  The possibilities are endless.






2.You can count on me when things get sticky.

lolipop-editAny candy will really do here.  Suckers would be my choice; if anyone’s tried to hold hands with a toddler post-lollipop, you’d understand why.





3.  We’re mint to be!

Your standard container of mints would be an obvious accompaniment to this corny phrase, but if you wanted to switch it up you could do some mint-flavoured baking or have a fresh mint mojito waiting for your significant other when they arrive.








Brownie recipe at ShugarySweets



4.  You light up my life

Chinese Lantern

Chinese Lantern

It’s hard to go wrong with a nice candle, but if you want a more substantial gift you could add a candle holder or centerpiece.  If your beau smokes, go with a nice lighter.






5.  I chews you








6.  You’re all write!


Fancy pens, colourful pencils, a pencil case, a nice journal  – anything goes!






7.  We make a perfect pear. Orange you glad we met? You’re the apple of my eye. 

pear and apple-edit

These are classics.  Put a whole basket together!






8.  You’re my main squeeze.


Who doesn’t love orange juice?






9. Call me cheesy, but I think you’re a real catch.  Will you ofishially be my valentine?

goldfish crackers-edit

Goldfish crackers that are cheese flavoured… too much!






10.  I would SO BE your Valentine!


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