Some Hot Guy: “The Gentle Giant” Godfrey Gao

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Credit: Godfrey Gao
Credit: Godfrey Gao

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Some of you may remember seeing Godfrey Gao featured in Schema’s End of Summer Wish Flings post, so here is a full profile for those of you who like me just had to know more.

Godfrey Gao (高以翔) is a model and actor raised in Vancouver, Canada by his Malaysian mother and a Taiwanese father. After moving to Vancouver from Taipei when he was nine Godfrey quickly absorbed Canadian culture — his English speaking skills quickly surpassed his Mandarin and he became a very active child with a particular love for basketball. He played on the basketball team all throughout high school and  played for Capilano University in North Vancouver for the Blues Basketball Team. Being over six feet tall didn’t hurt his basketball game and it also came in handy when he started modelling.

According to Godfrey’s biography on his website, his career began when he met a well-known TV producer on a trip to Taiwan during the summer of one of his college years. After that, he made the decision to move from Vancouver back to Taipei to give the entertainment business a shot — a risky move that has clearly paid off.

Godfrey went on to become the first Asian male model to represent world famous French luxury brand, Louis Vuitton —  an amazing breakthrough in the fashion industry for Godfrey but also, according to The Sydney Morning Herald, Godfrey is one of the many Asian models who are changing the face of fashion. The Wall Street Journal has noted how Louis Vuitton is hoping having Godfrey as their new face will fuel the company’s growth in Asia.

Along with his success in the fashion world, Godfrey has also appeared in a number of Taiwanese television dramas including “Volleyball Lover” and “I want to Become a Hard Persimmon, ” helping him become a household name in Asia.

In an interview with Vancity Buzz, Godfrey is endearingly humble. He discussed his career goals for the future which include having his own clothing line, restaurants and fitness club. Godfrey also notes improvements he would like to make including acting lessons and vocal lessons for a possible singing career. He also has some hidden talents which include playing the saxophone, a black belt and baking.

So watch out for this well-rounded superstar! Godfrey not only models, acts, plays basketball, but also bakes and has musical talents! What else can you want from him?! I can’t wait to see all the success this Taiwanese-Canadian supermodel and actor has waiting for him.

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