The Mindy Project | Season 2 Episode 22 | “Danny and Mindy”

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Danny and Mindy share a moment on the train. Photo credit: Fox.
Danny and Mindy share a moment on the train. Photo credit: Fox.

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The Season 2 finale begins with Mindy up to her old ways—checking out yet another handsome guy she doesn’t know. Her co-worker Peter catches her in the act and quickly asks whether she is “done eye-banging that guy” while her ex-flame, Danny, leaps in to say “I haven’t seen you smile this much since you found out you were younger than Katie Holmes.”

Suffice it to say, Mindy is quite chipper after locking eyes with this handsome stranger. The lighthearted encounter, however, takes a turn for the creepy when Danny pretends to be this man on a mixed connections column in a newspaper and gets Mindy to agree to a date.

The last few episodes leading up to this one have conveyed the difficulty with which Danny is handling the break up—first in “An Officer and a Gynecologist”, where his wishful attempts to reconnect with Mindy are shot down, and then in “The Girl Next Door”, where he convinces her to move into the apartment next to him in hopes of keeping an eye on her, and eventually ends up over-stepping as a neighbor, even ruining her date with an attractive officer.

Although I was never really a fan of the Mindy-Danny relationship, I couldn’t help but feel for him in this episode. As his desperation peaked, I felt the need to root for him despite his weird means of winning her back. In his own words, he explains to his co-worker Morgan, “I tried to get her back and she just wouldn’t have it, so what I did is I created this guy that she would like so maybe she would fall in love with him and realize she was still in love with me.”

So as Danny is finally at home preparing to go on this carefully crafted date and trying to emulate Mindy’s celebrity crush Bradley Cooper, there is an earnestness and hopefulness that Danny conveys that made me actually consider the possibility that these two may end up back together after all.

Danny, however, ends up standing her up on the date. At first he wants tell her the truth that it was him all along, but he ends up deluding himself into thinking he doesn’t need to come clean. But this backfires on him when the two run into the handsome stranger again and Mindy aggressively confronts him, and Danny is forced to admit that it was he who stood her up. She is, of course, furious at Danny upon learning this information. He explains that he thought he was being romantic and then proceeds to tell her that he loves her and asks her for another chance.

The episode ends with the two of them sharing a passionate kiss and a playful conversation about their future.

Although the Mindy-Danny saga has had its ups and downs and some very interesting moments, it seems that there is a lot more in store for these two in the next season, and I, for one, am very excited to see what happens with their complicated and, at times, bizarre relationship!

You can still watch The Mindy Project‘s finale on City.

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