Mink: A Personal 3D Printer For Customized Makeup

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The global makeup industry is growing ever so quickly, making it worth approximately $55 billion. With many retailers and countless brands in the market, the ongoing issue that consumers have is the limited selection of colours and options—especially in drug stores. This ends up excluding consumers who want products outside of the norm. These consumers then typically turn to retailers such as Sephora, where they will find a wider selection of colours, but at a much higher price.

Grace Choi was studying at Harvard Business School when she decided to make her contribution to the beauty industry. Choi did some research and discovered that beauty brands create products by mixing a lot of coloured materials together. According to Choi, “The makeup industry makes a whole lot of money on a whole lot of bulls. They charge a huge premium on something that tech provides for free. That one thing is colour.”

Basically, Choi is saying that colour printers are available to everybody; the “ink” that is used to dye raw makeup materials can be put in a printer as well. This would allow the Mink printer to dye the raw makeup materials into any colour that the user desires. According to Choi, the ink is FDA-approved.

With this information, Choi figured out how to 3D print makeup from any home computer. She created her own mini home 3D printer called Mink. Mink is a desktop printer that prints makeup; in a nutshell, it can take any image and instantly transform it into a wearable colour cosmetic. This means that any camera, phone or laptop can be instantly transformed into a beauty aisle with an unlimited colour palette selection.

When hooked up to a computer, just like a regular printer, Mink will allow anybody to print makeup by getting the colour code from colour photos on the internet or from the real world. While using this innovative software, anyone can print a colour into a blush, eye shadow, lip gloss, or any other type of makeup in less than 40 seconds. Mink will retail for approximately $300 US dollars.

Furthermore, in the video above, Choi demonstrated how Mink works by printing out a pink eyeshadow, then she brushed the fresh product onto the back of her hand. After her presentation, she answered a lot of tough questions about how Mink will create the different types of makeup as well as her plan to partner up with traditional printing companies.

If you’re like me and can’t believe what Choi is pitching to the beauty industry, check out some photos of Mink being used here. It will seriously blow your mind!

This also means that we will never run out of lipsticks in our favourite colours again, since even if certain ones are discontinued, we can take photos of them and print out a brand new one with Mink. Just imagine living in a world where you can take a photo of your friend’s limited edition lipstick and print out a new one from your home computer; it will definitely be a lot more practical than trying on twenty different lipsticks to find a near-identical colour. What a brilliant, yet straight-forward concept this idea is.

Mink allows consumers to satisfy their desire for instant gratification while having access to any colour in the world at an affordable price. This will encourage people to venture out and experiment with their style and personal tastes. There won’t be a limit as to which colours are available or what is allowed to be printed out, therefore everybody can express themselves according to their individuality while using the Mink.

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