The “ASIANCY” By Model Files

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“I think there is something mentally wrong, at this point.”

Finally, a good satire to tackle the issues of racism and diversity in the fashion world. VFiles came up with an exciting satirical web series called Model Files and it premiered the first episode of their new season on March 11, 2014. Season three, called “The Asiancy,” begins with casting director Preston Chaunsumlit attempting to fight the issues of racism and diversity in the fashion industry. He does this by creating a casting agency that deals exclusively with Asian models; we love the play on the word “Asiancy.” Julie Ann Quay—the founder of VFiles—comments on the new season: “Not only is it really funny, but it touches on important fashion world issues like racism and size-ism.”

For all of the fashion lovers and enthusiasts out there, it may be evident and quite obvious that fashion weeks are getting whiter every single year and as mentioned in the episode, most statistics would show that 90% of models are white, with the remaining 10% consisting of other races.

I think it is easy to recognize that there is racism and a lack of diversity in the fashion industry—these may be issues that are not so easy to bring up, but Model Files has thought of a brilliant satire to stir up these issues.

To keep up with the series, visit VFiles’ website where you can check all of their episodes, and subscribe to VFiles on YouTube for more updates!

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