What Happens When Asians Say What White People Say?

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BuzzFeedYellow, known for their tastefully short but humorous videos that put a little spin on your everyday lifestyle topics, recently put out a video called “If Asians Said The Stuff White People Say”, and have quickly become one of their most viewed videos on their channel.

The short video features Asians going through a series of dialogues asking questions or saying phrases that are stereotypically known as some of the things that Caucasians often say in conversations with Asians. Tables are turned as these conversations sound completely bizarre and even rude in some contexts.

The video itself is not trying so much to be racist as it is trying to show that some of the over generalizations that are made around the large and diverse Asian community can sometimes be ridiculous, and whether on purpose or not, sound inconsiderate. A good sense of humor is definitely needed to be able to take this lighthearted video for what it is, and indeed many of the comments on their video are of those who enjoyed the fun, or those who took offense to it. It is almost just as entertaining to read the different debates and comments that show such a clear divide between the two races. Just goes to show that it’s not what you look at that matters, but what you see (quote by Henry David Thoreau).

A video with a similar concept, “Accidental Racism” was put out by Wong Fu Productions earlier in the year, and also points out some of the racial specific comments that could cause misunderstandings and seem racist. It shows that these things can happen to anyone of any race, and the moral of the story explains that it’s about being more culturally aware and careful with how we present our curiosity. It’s not that easy to draw the line between genuine eagerness to learn about another culture and appearing totally ignorant.

As an Asian, I thoroughly enjoyed BuzzFeed’s video, and it’s not because I’m sadistic or upset that I have had some of these conversations in real life, but because they brought their point across in such an entertaining way.

One of my favorites: “Your English is great, were you adopted?”

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