Anna Akana on “Why Guys Like Asian Girls”

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One of my favourite Youtubers, Anna Akana, recently posted a video about “Why Guys Like Asian Girls“, in which she discusses men with “yellow fever”.

Her definition: “when the only prerequisite for me to become your potential partner is the colour of my skin.”

Her verdict to those judgmental jerks who generalize all Asian women as being “submissive, or weak, or docile…”: “racist assholes.”


Let’s back up a minute here though. While I’m on-board with Anna’s critique of men who would only want to date me because of the colour of my skin, I always thought “yellow fever” referred to those with strong attractions to people or things of Asian descent. I think it’s a little harsh to accuse all men of suffering from the same causes of this Asian fetish. I agree that a portion of those with “yellow fever” might actually be “racist assholes” and do offensively categorize all Asian women into a particular stereotype, but I also think it would be a generalization to say that all men who are attracted to Asian women are necessarily racist.

I have plenty of friends, all of whom I might list under ‘Showing Symptoms and Signs of Yellow Fever’, with inclinations to date Asians because those people are their “type.” I wouldn’t be so quick to call them all racist assholes. But if someone really only wanted to date me because I am, well, Asian, and for that single solitary reason only, I’m going with Anna: “That’s cheap. That’s offensive.” And please, go away.

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