7 Ways to Beat the Heat this August

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Vancouverites may not be all that accustomed to dealing with the heat—but can you really blame us? It’s not often that we reach the above 30-degree range. With August finally upon us, here are some tips to keep your cool as the temperatures spike.

1) Head to the Water Park

Remember the days when you’d want to spend every last minute of sun-filled weekend at Cultus Lake Water Park? I sure do, and I think its due time to embrace your inner kid and take to these misty hangouts once again. The cool water and fun setting is just what you’ll need to get through the heat intensive days that are to come.

2) Master the Art of Smoothie Making

If you’re not well versed in the summer skill of smoothie-making, it might be about time to invest in a blender and start making these frosty treats. You’ll be keeping yourself cool in a delicious way. I suggest you check out these great smoothie recipes by The Food Network.

3) Become a Night Owl

The days may be hot, but the nights are just perfect. Avoid the mid-day heat by planning your social events in the evenings and nights. The cool, crisp air at night is one of the nicest aspects of August in Vancouver, so stay up late and enjoy these beautiful summer nights while they’re still around!

4)  Stay Hydrated

The most important tip to keep in mind is to stay hydrated! Be sure to have a sizeable water intake during the sizzling August days (since we all know we’re sweating a sizeable amount out).

5) Defend Yourself from the Heat

Enjoy cool showers and make fans/icepacks/spray bottles out of anything you can—they’re always great heat buffers.

6) Revamp your Wardrobe

The clothes that have been suitable for the past 11 months of the year simply won’t do anymore—it’s time to update your closet with some summer-friendly attire. Some flowy tops and new shorts should do the trick.

7) Switch your Sheets

Lastly, be sure to switch out your heavy winter sheets to lighter ones, because anything that will make falling asleep in the heat easier is worth a shot.

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Nerissa Jawanda
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