Asian Girls Are NOT All the Same

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The Asian girl; we are either delicate, smart and sweet, or crazy, spoiled and ditzy. Although polar opposites, these are the types of stereotypes you’d find surround such a vague generalization of the Asian girl. But is that all we really are?

A dynamic Youtube duo, The Fung Bros (@FungBrosComedy) challenged the idea not only by vetoing such a limited stereotype, but by collaborating with the fun Asian actress Porter Lynn to present 18 different types of Asian girls. Following up from their previous video labelled “15 TYPES OF ASIAN GUYS“, their newest edition has already hit over a million views and tops as their most popular video on their Youtube channel.

As an Asian girl myself, I must say that I’d agree with that the list is relatively accurate and that there are at least a small majority of every single type of girl that is on their list. However, given our Asian community dominance here in Vancouver, I’ve shortlisted from their 18 to create a list of 5 of the more prominent types of Asian girls that you can find here in Vancouver.

1. The Asian Baby Girl (ABG)
Identifiable by circle lenses, dark eyeliner, false lashes, and a very strong eyebrow game, you’ll be able to spot them easily almost anywhere in Vancouver.

2. The Good Asian Girl
The typical and normal Asian girl that every Asian parent tried to raise us to be; with pretty decent success, as you’ll find many in Vancouver.

3. The Fob Asian Girl
If you’ve read my previous article on the “Ultra Rich Asian Girls of Vancouver” series, this type seems fairly obvious. Although the Fung Bros differentiated the rich from the normal Fob Asian girl in the video, the Fob Asian girl that you’d find in Vancouver are mostly rich, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to afford the expensive living expenses and the high cost of being an international student.

4. The Party Asian girl
It would probably take you less than a minute to find a Party Asian girl on my facebook feed, with the very predictable pose of “hand on the hip, knee bent, head slightly tilted to one side, and typically in a dark room.”

5. The Foodie Asian Girl
“Wait! Let me take a picture first!” is a very typical phrase you’d hear if you were to eat out with any Asian girl. Does #instafood sound familiar to you?

Overall, I think the Fung Bros and Porter Lynn did a great job portraying the different types of Asian girls in a hilarious and fun way. Although a pretty long list, I wouldn’t think of it as an exhaustive list as there’s so much diversity in any race that it’d be unjust to say that those numbers are definite, and the same goes for my short list above. You’d definitely find any of the 18 types that they’ve listed and more in Vancouver’s richly diverse city. So what type are you?

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