Last One Stands 2014 | Getting Ready for the LOS with Teddy Kim

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Last One Stands is undeniably one of the biggest street dance festivals in North America. It is the product of the ambitious vision of Vancouver’s premier street dancers, Locking Kuan and Abe Chen, and has succeeded in making Vancouver one of the street dance capitals of the wold. It hosts the highest caliber of talent in a theater setting that’s comfortable for spectators and performers. Last One Stands is not only growing the local dance scene, but is putting Vancouver dancers on a global map.

With the dance competition coming up, Schema’s Vicky Chow was lucky enough to get to talk with Teddy Kim – Hip Hop dancer representing Vancouver this year at LOS 2014.

Vicky Chow: Can you introduce yourself to our readers?!

Teddy Kim: This is Teddy Kim. I’m a dancer and will be representing myself as well as my team, Rhythm Recall in this year’s Last One Stands.

V: What’s your dance background? How did you come to become a dancer?

T: I had a huge interest in dancing since grade 5 and started out doing cover dances and having dance parties with friends who lived near me. Then when I got to high school, I met the leader of the school dance club who trained me and our dance team. Since then I started joining battles between school dance clubs and choreography competitions. I feel that I’m very lucky that I found what I love.

V: Who do you credit for inspiring you to dance competitively? Whose dance keeps you on the edge of your seat?

T: This is a very difficult question to answer because there are countless great dancers, performers, and stylish choreographers everywhere. But I also can’t not mention Elite Force Crew from the U.S. If they didn’t work hard on keeping their originality in hip hop, 2014’s hip hop dance would probably be something else. I think most hip hop dancers appreciate how Elite Force Crew members are showcasing individual style on top of original hip hop dance.

V: Why is competing in LOS 2014 such a big deal for you personally?

T: LOS 2014 means a lot to dancers in Vancouver, including myself. We really appreciate the LOS hosts and organizers for providing such a rare opportunity to meet world level dancers in here in Vancouver. We’ll be back to push ourselves to the next level next year too.

V: Some elite athletes claim that in the midst of their sport they get a special kind of focus. What happens for you when you’re in the heat of battle?

T: To be honest, I don’t remember what’s happening while I’m dancing. I can only feel that something is different when I’ve stopped dancing. For me, this is not a sport, this is about love and sharing it. I will put more love into it this time!


Last One Stands runs October 3rd to 5th with the dance battle being on Oct 4 at the Michael J. Fox Theatre in Burnaby, B.C. Full 2014 Event Schedule can be found

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