Ultra Rich Asian Girls Isn’t Just Another Reality TV Show

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Ultra Rich Asian Girls showing off their style on the streets of Vancouver. Credit: vancitybuzz
Ultra Rich Asian Girls showing off their style on the streets of Vancouver. Credit: vancitybuzz

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Ultra Rich Asian Girls is the new HBIC TV web series following the opulent lives of four Mandarin Chinese daughters coming from wealthy families living in Vancouver.

The first episode was released on October 26th on the HBIC TV YouTube channel. The 13-minute video introduced the cast of girls over champagne, oysters, and a friendly game of baccarat.

The audience is first introduced to Chelsea, a recent mathematics graduate from UBC, who also created her own fashion line called “C3”. She is the most forward of the four girls. In the first episode alone she already has opinions on the youngest girl Cocoparis saying, “Her style is like cheap Chinese Taiwanese night market style.”

Chelsea continues throughout the episode with these comical jabs at Coco, repeatedly saying “no comment,” at some of Coco’s more naïve actions. Chelsea finds it ridiculous that she hasn’t been clubbing and doesn’t know how to order her own food at restaurants.

In Coco’s defense, she is pretty young. At age 19, she aspires to become a singer and a model. Despite her youth, she says she makes a point of working hard and not asking her family for help.

Then there’s Joy. She is the quietest of the group and, like the others, loves fashion. She aspires to be a model and, in the past, studied fashion marketing.

Lastly, there’s Florence, AKA Flo.Z who is hands down the most badass of the group. She went to the very prestigious Fashion Design School, Istituto Marangoni in Milan where she graduated with a master’s degree. She also started her own line of clothing “Flo.Z” and knows how to speak 4 different languages. When asked about gossiping she had this to say:

“What about gossiping? Everyone does it. Every single person I know gossips. Just some people do it behind your back you don’t even know about it. We have the guts to do it on camera, so I think it’s fun.

There has been a lot of skepticism in the media about URAG. Many critics think the show will just be another Real Housewives spinoff about girls with no personality spending money to no end.

Although the first episode promises drama and outlandish spending (the girls got a presidential suite in River Rock for the day because it was too hot), what makes URAG stand out from the rest of these reality web series is the girls themselves.

It’s clear they all have motivation and aspire to have successful independent careers. They are smart and know what they want, and that’s something you don’t get to see in the media especially coming from young girls.

“First, I think a modern woman has to be very confident and very independent, she should be responsible for herself. We are not limiting ourselves to other people’s standards, and we look amazing while doing it,” says Flo.Z.

I think it’s amazing a show like this exists. Somehow the producer Kevin Li was able to balance the affluence with motivation and, as a result, we’re left with four beautiful, smart motivated women ready to step into the world head on. It will be interesting to see where the show goes.

Catch the next episode of Ultra Rich Asian Girls, on HBICTV every Monday.

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