10 Ways To Stay Warm This Winter And Look Good Doing It

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Why do I have expertise on this particular topic, you ask? It’s simple, really. I’ve grown up almost my entire life in this city called Calgary (a.k.a. Cowtown). In Calgary, Alberta, we have two seasons: winter and construction. Winter taking up the majority of the year, a girl learns how to get around with five layers of clothing on and still look great doing it. Here are some simple tips to help all of you Vancouver-ites embrace this winter fashionably:


1) What’s more fashionable than being “in season”? Nothing! By exuberating that holiday vibe, you say, “Yes, I am with the times and aware that Christmas is just around the corner.”







2) This helpful tip was picked up when I was observing a large mob of girls enter into a dance studio. All the girls had perfect buns, the same dance studio sweater, and most importantly, LEG WARMERS. These babies are ideal when you want to wear something other than jeans and sweatpants but feel like you’ll be too cold in anything else.







puffy jacket3) A bonus to it being winter is the fact that some of your friends are bound to pull out the giant puffy jackets. These friends are the best to hug because who’s nicer to hug than someone that feels like a giant teddy bear? That’s why I call for a mass puffy jacket trend to share the love and joy of being hugged in this beautiful and incredibly warm overcoat.








4) While your head is not the part of your body that loses heat the fastest (don’t believe me? click here), it is the part of your body that is extremely sensitive to changes in temperature. Thus, protecting it with bundles and bundles of clothing is great and oddly enough, not hard to rock, fashion-wise, as exemplified by the fabulous model to the left.







KittyEarmuffs5) On the same note, while scarves and mittens are not an uncommon site, this hidden secret of a gem is not advertised enough as an important warmth promoter, especially when you’re moving at a pace faster than a leisurely walk.




f284_plush_unicorn_slippers_for_grown_ups6) Imagine this. You wake up in the middle of the night. You have to go to the bathroom so out from your warm, comforting bed, you rise. Your feet shuffle into the bathroom and bam! The cold shock of the hard surface floor zings up your spine and makes you shiver. This is probably a common real life experience for many of us. For me in particular, far too common, until I began wearing these beauties on a more regular basis:




Eco-I-am-Not-a-Paper-Cup-Travel-Mug-Pragmatic-and-Funny-Environmental-Recycle-Green-Craft 7) Oh the practicality of travel mugs.







MjAxMy1mZWNiMzE4MTMyZTE1YzM08) Invest in a gym membership. Staying indoors does not mean staying physically inactive. Plus, the regular rise in body temperature will help you stay healthy enough to keep warding off those nasty colds and flus going around at this time of the year.






large9) Tip for girls only: It is a fashionable trend for girls to wear guys’ plaid, button-down shirts. What is also fashionable but far more user-friendly in minus zero weather, is for girls to wear guys’ large, oversized hoodies. Your welcome.








10) Uggs. Need I say more?







In all seriousness, I know this post probably did not give you quality fashion tips for this winter. However, you must admit, these are some pretty smart articles of clothing that WILL keep you warm. And that’s the point isn’t it? To stay warm. So please, girls and guys, while looking good may trump many priorities in life, make staying warm one that will not be defeated. Rock those Uggs, those leg warmers, those puffy jackets, and those hand-knitted animal earmuffs!


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