Our K-Drama Recommendations To Get You Through Finals Season

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If you’re a university student like myself, you’ll understand me when I say, we’re at the home stretch. Most of us have finished, or are close to finishing classes and are now looking ahead to the final hurdle. Finals. I want to personally inform you of a beautiful stress reliever that, taken in moderation, will help you get through the season.

The stress reliever I’m talking about is Korean drama. Many of you who have watched K-dramas before may think I am absolutely crazy to think such an addictive genre of TV shows can in any way be good for a student needing to focus but it is precisely the predictable addictiveness of K-dramas that make it a perfect motivator for anyone needing to stay particularly productive.

You see, studying is something we don’t all find incredibly enjoyable. K-dramas, on the other hand, are so wildly over-the-top, exciting, and just flat out adorable. As such, K-dramas not only act as a great study break where you can lose yourself in a totally impossible but perfectly squeal-worthy world with stunningly attractive guys and girls, but it can also act as a motivational tool. Due to the breakdown of a series into a limited set of episodes, you stay motivated by thinking of each episode as small lights to entertain and guide you through the tunnel of a tough season of work.

Here are three personal recommendations for those of you looking for a stress reliever:

A-Gentleman-s-Dignity-korean-dramas-33242418-680-10001) A Gentleman’s Dignity (a.k.a. 신사의 품격) – This drama has been described as the “male version of Sex In The City” and is a romantic comedy revolving around the friendship of four middle-aged men who find themselves tangled up in complicated but hilarious love relationships. Starring Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul.








You_Who_Came_From_the_Stars_Cover2) My Love From Another Star (a.k.a. 별에서 온 그대) – Do Min Joon is from another planet. Literally. After landing on Earth by accident over 400 years ago, he has diligently been awaiting the day when he can return to his home. As unfortunate luck would have it, only months before his planned departure day, he meets the actress Cheon Song Yi and the two star crossed lovers begin a journey together that’s out of this world. Starring Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun.







201647315840406d90aafaefba70f131dae02fc63) Pinocchio (a.k.a 피노키오) – Being a news reporter can be tough, but especially so when every time you tell a lie, you break into hiccups. That is the case for Choi In Ha but not for Choi Dal Po, whose remarkable memory and communication skills make him stand out in his first year as a reporter in a broadcasting company. The story follows these two individuals are their determination to uncover the facts. Starring Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye.








Happy studying!

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