Fresh Off the Boat | Episode Six: Asian American Parenting 101

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Hudson Yang as Eddie Huang the fajita man | Photo:
Hudson Yang as Eddie Huang the fajita man | Photo:

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Hard work—or just work—is the theme for episode six of ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat. Jessica Huang is overwhelmed with boredom from not working, and so we follow her as she embarks on the job hunt. She also comes up with creative ways to keep her children cool during the heat wave, and saving money all at the same time.

Louis Huang has had problems at work, but things are about to change this episode; he’s found a solution in fajitas, and so has Eddie, but rather reluctantly.

Hudson Yang meeting his biggest fan! | Photo:

Hudson Yang meeting his biggest fan! | Photo:

“Fajita Man” feels like the slowest episode of the show so far. Perhaps it’s the heat wave making everyone sluggish, or just my general disinterest in Eddie’s storyline. It’s no fault of the show—just personal taste; I am not Hudson Yang’s biggest fan.

Eddie and his friends (minus the annoying spoiled kid with all the cool sleepovers in the previous episodes) have their eyes on a new video game called Shaq-Fu. Their problem is that it’s $50. The boys’ methods of coming up with the money are amusing; one is using money earned from mowing lawns, another is saving his lunch money (so he’s not eating), and one boy’s mother is driving down to Miami to buy the game early for him. Eddie? Oh, he’ll just ask his mother.

Louis has other ideas, though: Eddie needs to work for the money and learn what hard work is like, because that’s what Grandfather Huang would have done. The exaggerations are funny and relatable, but what I liked more was seeing the further interaction between Grandmother Huang and Louis because it provided insight into Louis’s relationship with his father.

While Eddie has secured a job as a fajita man until he can buy his video game, Jessica needs to find a job. I admire her confidence in herself and her abilities. She is, as always, funny, but her celebratory “pimp walk” was…weird.

This was not my favourite episode, but I am confident in the show’s ability to pick up after that heat wave.

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