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With former Miss World Priyanka Chopra starring in the action-packed series, it’s no surprise that ABC’s Quantico is already a Sunday favourite.

Quantico’s quick-paced plot progression doesn’t slow in it’s latest episode, Kill. The episode’s tension starts off strong, with the first scene depicting a graphic flashback dream of Alex killing her father. She wakes to find herself at Quantico and quickly starts a day filled with training exercises.

This week’s episode centers on the emotional turmoil revolving the death and work legacy of Alex’s deceased father. Riddled with the burden of a guilty conscience, Alex progress to learn the truth behind her father’s supposed clean work record. With this new understanding, she throws herself into training.

Later, at a hostage training exercise, Alex’s strained emotional state is further pushed when Ryan consciously allows her to act recklessly. She momentarily considers leaving Quantico.

Interestingly, a conversation between Nathalie and Shelby reveals the notion of a “blue flamer,” agents that work themselves to the limit and burn out prematurely. This seems to act as foreshadowing for the series and whether Alex can cope with the pressure of finding out who framed her as a terrorist.

Meanwhile, the suspicion revolving Simon deepens. He takes Alex to his dubious bomb-making friend to determine whether they can get any leads on some wire found at the site of the bombing. Shockingly, they discover that the plastic traced back to Shelby’s cooperate inheritance.

In a raid of Shelby’s home however, things go terribly awry. In an ironic reference to her earlier hostage rescue training, Alex ends up taking a reluctant Shelby hostage.

Elsewhere, Shaw tracks down Nimah in efforts of convincing her to return to Quantico. After opening up in an emotional conversation about her delinquent son, she finally succeeds in convincing the twin to join an anti-terrorist mission.

The episode ends with a bonding moment between a young Alex and Shelby back in Quantico. In a moment of vulnerability, Alex reveals the shocking secret that she had in fact killed her father. The heartening scene acts is an extreme contrast from the previous events between the two former friends.

With another episode of Quantico airing on Sunday night, the only safe thing to assume is that the complicated plot line will only further escalate.

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