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Unsurprisingly, this week’s episode of Quantico is no less confusing than its predecessors. Regrettably, “Go” wasn’t quite as engaging as other episodes, and felt like a minor speed bump in an otherwise smooth and interesting series.

In Quantico, the NATs are still consumed by romantic turmoil in the middle of their exam period. After having his cover blown in the previous episode, Booth is still on rocky terms with Alex. Their short-lived fling came to an abrupt halt, leaving the former lovers in a state of silent tension. In an equally dysfunctional situation, the flirtation between Nimah and Simon ceases when the secret of the twin’s true identity is finally revealed. In a conversation with Shaw, Simon angrily conceded to preserving the secret about the mysterious mission.

Surprisingly, the only normal relationship is between Shelby and Caleb. Though the romance isn’t nearly as appealing as others on Quantico, their dynamic does become marginally more endearing after Shelby’s uncomfortable first encounter with Caleb’s father. Though the meeting is cringe-worthy with the foresight of Shelby’s future affair, the scene still manages to bring life into an otherwise uninspiring romance.

In the present, life isn’t nearly as sunny for the pair. In an awkward exchange, Shelby accidentally blows her cover as an accomplice to Alex. Quantico’s fondness of juxtaposition is inadvertent in this context. In contrast with their past relationship, this prickly dynamic between Caleb and Shelby is both believable and engaging.

Shelby quickly alerts Booth that their cover has been blown. Their effort to escape is thwarted when Natalie intercepts the pair. Inexplicably, she allows the ever-charming Booth an hour to escape. Unbeknownst to Booth and Shelby, Natalie secretly plants a GPS chip to track their movement.

In a clumsy transition back to Quantico, the NATs sit in anticipation of their exam. After being handed a blank piece of paper, the class tries desperately to understand their test. Alex takes absolute charge, and soon realizes that one sheet is missing from their collective pile. The class checks the security footage to find that Brandon never had a paper. Shocking! This revelation sets off Brandon’s illogical escape, a classroom lockdown, and a subsequent bomb discovery. Simon manages to open the doors through partially disarming the bomb, which prompts the fleeing of many NATs. Unfortunately, this sets off a mechanism that speeds up the bomb. Elias ends up fleeing in fear while the other NATs try desperately to disable the bomb.

Meanwhile in the present, Alex and Simon hunt down the twins and find Raina alone in an vacant home. When confronted with the video evidence, Raina is unexpectedly relieved. She explains Nimah’s disappearance in the middle of their covert mission to infiltrate the Islamic Front, and the trio quickly devise a plan to retrieve Nimah. As it turns out, Nimah was under lockdown at the Islamic Front hideout and was pursuing an affair with their leader, Hamza, so her virgin sister wouldn’t have to.

Matters are soon complicated when Booth and Shelby arrive, quickly followed by a barrage of FBI agents. Naturally, the terrorists under lockdown assume the sirens are targeted at them and open fire. Miraculously, everyone escapes safely with the exception of Booth getting shot. In another chance of interception, Natalie finds the injured Booth and Alex. After seeing Booth gravely injured, Natalie shockingly allows both Booth and Alex to flee safely. Although, it was refreshing to view Natalie through an antagonized perspective, it isn’t yet clear why she suddenly exhibited such empathy throughout the episode.

Back in Quantico, the group desperately works together in efforts of disabling the bomb. When it detonates with no result, the team learns that this was simply an exercise to determine which of them would be considered brave enough to stay in Quantico.

Sadly, Simon watches Elias pack his bags. In a surprising but tender moment, Elias kisses Simon goodbye. This subtle moment adds clarity as to why Elias had such a strong interest in Simon. The sexual tension between them is finally eased in their cathartic goodbye.

Similarly, Alex finally gets the truth out of Booth about the controversial cover-up that happened in Chicago. This resolve ends with Alex secretly blackmailing Liam into giving Booth back his position. However, when faced with the option of abandoning the prospect of a bureau job, Booth hesitates on providing an answer.

The episode ends with the long-awaited reveal of the truth behind both Nimah and Raina, lightly suggesting the prospect of future romance between Raina and Simon.

For such a dense episode, “Go” did an efficient job progressing the plot line. Despite this haste coming at the expense of entertainment value, the episode was refreshing and ended on an uncommonly happy note.

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