Schema Recaps Fresh Off the Boat | Season 2 Episode 9 | “We Done Son”

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In this week’s episode of Fresh Off the Boat, relationships are put into question, lost, and saved.

Jessica and Honey are continuing business with their investment property. Jessica, dismissive and frugal as ever, shrugs off Honey’s requests for business meetings and open house appetizers. Tension builds when Jessica refuses to acknowledge Honey’s concern about a fortune teller on their payroll. Grandma Huang simply watches on as Honey, open-minded but reluctant, agrees to meet Madame Xing via telephone.

Unfortunately, things go sour when Jessica calls Madame Xing with Honey. The fortune teller ominously orders that the house be kept off the market for another three months, which Jessica accepts unconditionally. Honey, however, greets this premonition with skepticism. This sparks a fight between Jessica and Honey that ends with Jessica ending their friendship.

On a lighter note, Eddie’s life is going swimmingly. The boys are on the street playing basketball and discussing gifts Eddie could buy Allison for her birthday. After brusquely rejecting the hilarious suggestions of a haiku and a tube top from the Delia’s catalogue, Eddie confidently states that he will buy her a classy $49.99 necklace.

This vision is deflated as soon as he gets home and finds his savings dry. To save up money, he decides to take a babysitting job. When he rolls up to his new job, he casually opens the door to find a weary DMX and his young daughter.

Meanwhile, Barry, Louis’ old roommate, stays over at the Huang house. This angers Jessica, who sees Barry as a manipulative pseudo-friend out for Louis’ money. Despite this, Louis considers him a good friend and defends Barry.

The next day, Eddie is irritable from his previous night of hard work. Because of his non-disclosure agreement with DMX, Eddie can’t tell his girlfriend why he’s unable to attend to her. After a quick argument, an upset Allison dramatically departs from Eddie’s locker.

Later, Eddie confesses his relationship problems to DMX. The ever-sensitive DMX guides Eddie into his greenhouse and explains the delicate nature of relationships through the comically gentle metaphor of orchids growing. Eddie learns that it isn’t the best supplies that help orchids (relationships) grow, it’s the time and energy spent on them.

Back at home, Jessica realizes how lonely Grandma Huang is without friends, which puts Jessica’s friendship with Honey into perspective. In a dramatic scene, Jessica shows up at Honey’s team building exercise (which she had previously mocked). She’s selected by the instructor as a volunteer for a skit and confesses her apology to Honey on stage. All is forgiven, and the pair are again happy friends.

At Cattleman’s Ranch, however, things are less cheery. Barry and Louis are about to eat dinner when Barry casually asks Louis for financial assistance. He pitches an absurd idea of an online garage sale. Louis is shocked, upset, and realizes that Barry knows nothing about him. He triumphantly confronts Barry and cuts him off as a friend.

The episode ends in a hilarious scene where DMX saves Eddie’s relationship by driving him to Allison’s house on her birthday, with his baby in tow. Allison drops her clarinet in shock. Eddie hands her an orchid and wisely declares, “It isn’t about presents, it’s about presence.” The scene is a comforting and clever end to an episode filled with tumultuous relationships.

Catch Fresh Off the Boat Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. on ABC.

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