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A super flare, less than 17 hours on the clock, and an H. E. L. E. (Human Extinction Level Event) is imminent. The prediction is that billions will die, with the only hope for survival being Gateway. Tommy is busy transferring people to save them, against Emily’s wishes. In the process, he overhears the discussion that they don’t plan on transferring everyone they can. Hearing this, Tommy flees.

In the meantime, the episode “Company Woman” takes a special interest in Erica Kravid. After Tommy’s escape from Gateway, she is interrupted in her office by Matt Parkman who has her daughter, Taylor, as a hostage. He demands three watches to enter Gateway in exchange for Taylor’s life, which she grants him. Before he frees Taylor, he lets Erica know that Taylor is pregnant with her grandchild. Unfortunately for his, Matt is later involved in a car crash where he is injured and loses the watches. In the midst of the emotion, we are taken on our first flashback to understand Erica’s motivations.

The flashbacks reveal that Erica was molested by a doctor, who used his powers to heal her father from the brink of death in exchange for sexual favours. This evo is revealed to be Taylor’s father. Years later, when a young Taylor is sick she calls on the doctor again to heal her. As the doctor threatens to take Taylor away from Erica, she kills him. As she is still harrowing from the ordeal, she is visited by a young Caspar who helps her deal with the problem. This flashback only furthers the tension in Erica and Taylor’s relationship. Erica offers to amend things between them by offering her and her baby a fresh start in Gateway in the future. However, Taylor declines declaring that she would rather die than be complicit in the deaths of so many.

Malina, Luke, Quentin and Phoebe arrive in Odessa, Texas. They are unable to get to Gateway due to checkpoints, so Luke decides to get Tommy’s attention another way. Soon after, Luke botches his plan and Phoebe escapes. In the classic cyclical fashion, the group arrives at Claire Bennett’s old school, Wells High School, where the whole story started. People have evacuated their houses and are seeking refuge there from the super flares. Luke asks Malina to demonstrate her powers in front of a news camera crew there in hopes that the transmission may reach Tommy. Carlos, Micah, Farah and Jose see the transmission on a television set at a gas station on the way to Odessa. Micah uses his powers to put the transmission on loop on every device so that Tommy sees it. And so Tommy does.

Tommy heads to Wells High School too and walks in to see Joanne threatening to attack Luke and Malina. As Tommy tries to help, he is intercepted by Otomo who transports him back into EverNow. Luke tries to talk Joanne down but she fires at Malina prompting Luke to fire at her. Malina is saved thanks to an invisible Farah who has caught the bullet instead. However, Joanne is not so lucky and dies.

During all this, Emily runs into Ren at Gateway who tells her that he is searching for the master of space and time. Emily cheekily replies she is dating him and off they go to look for Tommy. As they make their way to the core of the building, they see Otomo attacked and possibly killed. This is just after Otomo confirms he has put Tommy imprisoned. We leave the characters still searching for an alternative plan to save all of humanity on the brink of extinction as the screen ominously says “To Be Continued.” Next week will be the finale, and it looks like it will be an exciting one because the heroes still have a lot to do.

Heroes Reborn airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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