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The exciting finale of Heroes Reborn saw many heroic acts as the world was saved multiple times.

Erica has transported herself and the group of people she has chosen 8000 years into the future. Meanwhile, Emily and Ren embark on a mission to save Tommy from Evernow. They find Otomo and Miko to help them. Otomo motivates Ren to go into the game to rescue Tommy. Ren and Miko appear in the game to discover that the game world is deteriorating. They start fighting to get to the prison where Tommy is.

In Evernow, Tommy wakes up and finds he has lost his memories. While struggling to figure out where he is, he sees another version of him in a labyrinth of hallways. He discovers that his new prison defies the laws of physics, allowing him to be in two places at once. After this epiphany, Tommy is taken on a journey of memories. He is then inspired to save the world.

In Gateway of the past, the first super flare is fast approaching. Quentin, Malina and Luke arrive to find Gateway empty already. Luke sends Malina and Quentin to hide as he faces the flare. He uses his powers to absorb it and is killed in the process. Debris starts to fall as Quentin and Malina seek shelter in the clock tower. There, Malina is ambushed by Phoebe. Quentin is forced to shoot Phoebe and kill her to rescue Malina. Once free, Malina goes outside to try and use her powers to contain the H.E.L.E. She means to stop it or die trying.

Back in Evernow, Tommy faces the harsh memory of meeting Malina for the first time when they were kids. They are in a lab and their symbiotic relationship is being tested. Taking each other’s hand causes a strange energy to appear. When a person steps in between them to separate them, he becomes a conduit for the energy and is killed. Tommy learns from the experiment that he needs a conduit to channel the energy that he and Malina create. Soon after, Tommy hears Miko’s voice and follows it. Ren frees Tommy and they all appear back at Gateway.

Once at Gateway, Erica captures Tommy, Emily, Ren, Miko and Otomo. Erica explains that if Tommy goes back in time to stop the H.E.L.E, then the future they stand in now disappears and so do they all. However, if Tommy stays then Malina is killed in the H.E.L.E. Erica asks him to choose as he cannot be in both places at once. Tommy, however, knows he can. He stops time and creates two versions of himself. One goes back in time to Malina while the other stays at Gateway.

Tommy appears at the moment of the second flare to see Malina facing her doom. He unfreezes time and tries to help Malina by holding her hand and using the energy. However, it does not work and Tommy remembers he must have a conduit. He travels back in time to rescue Noah who should have died in a storm two days ago. Noah agrees to be the conduit and so they arrive back at Gateway of the past to stop the super flare. Their combined powers are able to stop the super flare but Noah dies. Another Tommy is still at Gateway of the future. While time is still frozen, he cuts off Erica’s watch and transports everyone else back to the past. This implies that Erica disappears with the future that the H.E.L.E. created as it no longer happened.

When everything has settled, Quentin is in a holding room being interrogated by two men who question him about evos. Quentin informs them that they are ordinary people, just as the title of the episode states. Tommy and Malina are getting back to normal life. However, the finale ends with an ominous tone as Malina is informed that their father is coming for her and Tommy.

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