4 Dream Dates with Buzzfeed Heartthrob Eugene Lee Yang, Schema’s Valentine

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Credit: instagram.com
Credit: instagram.com

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Surely you’ve heard of BuzzFeed heartthrob, Eugene Lee Yang. The 30-year-old Korean American directs and stars in BuzzFeed videos, which lead to conversations about race, body image, stereotyping, and hundreds of comments about how intensely sexy Eugene is. When he’s not making viral videos such as If Asians Said the Stuff White People Say or Wedding Dresses Across Asia, he’s starring as the leading man of our dreams. Yes, he is a beautiful specimen of perfectly coiffed hair, sturdy eyebrows, and a jawline that could cut cheese. But he is more than a gorgeous face and a hot body to eat sushi off of; Eugene is endlessly creative, charismatic, and confident. He cares about how Asian Americans are portrayed in the media, and brings attention to some of the microaggressions that Asians face everyday.

If Schema had “a type,” he’d be it.

Valentine’s Day weekend is the perfect excuse to imagine a little romance with Eugene. We made a list of four dream dates that we thought he’d enjoy, while giving us some one-on-one time to spend with our BuzzFeed crush. The dates range in cost and location, from an expensive trip in the Maldives to a bargain date at home. Admittedly, he doesn’t know yet.

The Maldives with Wetsuit Model, Eugene Lee Yang



Valentine’s Day is for fulfilling your wanderlust, and you spend it island hopping in the Maldives with Eugene. Because Eugene is willing to try anything, and is naturally skilled at everything, you decide to go scuba diving in search of tiger sharks. You know that no one looks good in a wetsuit, but somehow this universal rule doesn’t apply to Eugene. Eugene was meant to wear wetsuits, and wetsuits were made for Eugene. You spend your time lounging on the beach and snorkeling along the reefs. When you look over at Eugene it’s like a travel brochure has come to life and every moment seems Instagram-worthy. He’s so beautiful and the landscape is so breathtaking that you can’t help but feel #blessed.  This date is for the adventurous explorers who don’t mind splurging in order to see the world.

New York City with Romantic Leading Man, Eugene Lee Yang



Alternatively, you spend the holiday in New York City, aka rom com capital of the world. If Meg Ryan can forgive Tom Hanks for putting her book store out of business, then anything is possible in the city that never sleeps. Eugene has somehow managed to get tickets for Hamilton, even though every show is sold out for months. You have high expectations because it’s been so hyped up and is Eminem-approved, but it ends up exceeding your expectations. Both of you are completely blown away at the brilliance that is Lin-Manuel Miranda. It’s the kind of show that makes you mad at everything else that is not Hamilton. After the show, you and Eugene can’t stop talking about how great the music and cast were. Look at how easy it is to hire a diverse cast! And it was so powerful! Eugene becomes even more attractive when he’s passionate and really cares about something, and you can’t help but fall a little bit more for him. Beneath all that hair is a really attractive brain. Next, you make your way over to what seems like an art gallery, but is actually a hidden speakeasy bar. They serve seasonal drinks with fresh ginger, lavender, rose, and mint and they taste like heaven. Your life feels perfect and now you’re starting to believe all the rom coms. New York really is the place to fall in love and it’s happening to you. Don’t cry, shopgirl. Don’t cry.

Vancouver with the Kind-hearted Eugene Lee Yang



In the morning, Eugene shows up, with an umbrella in hand to shield you from the rain. This shows Eugene’s foresight and thoughtfulness because February in Vancouver almost always means rain. Vancouverites like to fill their days with countless activities and be ethically responsible along the way. First, you go rock-climbing indoors. Next, you go to a farm-to-table eatery. And then, you adopt a German Shepherd puppy. Saving puppies is just one of the many benevolent things that Eugene loves to do. In the evening, you have reservations at a fancy restaurant and plans to go dancing, but you cancel because there’s an adorable puppy to take care of. The night is spent at home playing Scrabble and thinking of dog names. You suggest Beyoncé, but Eugene is all our dog is a boy, and you’re all maybe Beyoncé doesn’t subscribe to the gender binary and then you suggest Yoncé or Bey, but he’s not budging. Poe, Newton, Ferdinand, Pepper, and Chew Barka are just some of the names you spew out. Finally, the two of you agree on Mushu, named after the dragon in Mulan. This calls for a celebratory dance party for two and you abandon the Scrabble game (you were winning, but who keeps score on Valentine’s day?) You go from bouncing arrhythmically to freestyle dance-battling to slow dancing, and you decide that Eugene is the only partner you could ever need.

The Classic Dinner-and-a-Movie with Eugene Lee Yang



Valentine’s Day on a budget includes a home cooked meal and a movie. Staying in not only saves money, but also allows you to avoid other couples and their excessive PDA. For dinner, you decide to make three different kinds of pizza together and open a bottle of Pinot Grigio. You wonder if your body will be able to handle all this delicious dairy, but Eugene is thoughtful and has bought lactase pills because he knows about your love/hate relationship with cheese. While the pizzas bake, you suggest Mad Max: Fury Road, and he agrees. It’s a perfect date movie with Eugene because while Tom Hardy has minimal dialogue, Eugene never runs out of interesting things to say. Both of you are bothered by people who call the film simple, and you talk about its depth, how at its core it’s a survival story for victims of rape and slavery. You tell him that you dressed up as Doof Warrior for Halloween and no one at the party understood your costume. He says that if he had been at that party he would have recognized you immediately. He makes you feel known. You are two peas in a fuel pod.

So What Did Eugene Pick?


We’ll update this post when we hear back from him.

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