Schema Recaps Fresh Off the Boat | Season 2 Episode 12 | “Love and Loopholes”

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The Huangs are going to Marvin and Honey’s for dinner. As they are getting ready to leave, Jessica and Louis find Emery decorating his bedroom wall with valentines he’s received from the girls in his class. He claims he has a romantic side because he has grown up seeing his parents be a perfect romantic couple with each other. Jessica and Lewis don’t really understand Emery’s enthusiasm but being called a perfect romantic couple seems great to them. At dinner, Marvin and Honey discuss their romantic exploits which include afro-Brazilian dancing, a dance of passion and love. Jessica counters this with a story about spotting a cockroach at an open house: “It was just me and that roach in a dance for survival.”

As they’re getting ready for bed, Marvin and Honey discuss how Jessica and Louis don’t have much of a social life and decide to watch Emery and Evan on Valentine’s Day so they can have a romantic date. Louis and Jessica take them up on the offer because they could really use the day to “get it right”.

Meanwhile, Eddie has agreed to take his girlfriend Alison to a Janet Jackson concert even though he doesn’t actually have the tickets. Not to worry though, he has a plan. He and Trent frantically call a local radio station that is giving away two tickets to the concert and Trent wins the tickets! He decides that he would rather keep one than give both to Eddie and gives him a choice: either Eddie and Trent see Janet together or Alison goes with Trent.

Emery seems very happy that his parents will take a day to be the romantic couple he believes them to be. Jessica and Louis brag about their plans, which includes dinner and dancing, to Honey, Marvin and the kids. When they leave, Marvin, Emery and Evan decide to play a game of “Dare or Dare”. Marvin dares Emery to go to his dad’s sock drawer and mismatch his socks but when he enters the Huang house he catches them… doing their taxes! He is heartbroken that his parents aren’t as romantic and in love as he thought they were and runs to his room to take his Valentine wall down. Back over at Honey’s house, Evan dares Marvin to tell him something he hasn’t told Honey. Marvin confesses that Honey is his third wife not his second, as Honey was led to believe. Marvin swears Evan to secrecy, but the boy immediately blabs to Honey who is hurt by the reveal.

At the Janet Jackson concert, Eddie shows up with Alison to meet a very confused Trent. Eddie explains his plan: he wants to trade their two great seats to a scalper for three mediocre seats. Their plan goes smoothly until the scalper runs off, leaving the kids with no tickets. They spend the concert suffering through Trent singing along to all the songs outside the venue, but when it ends, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis show up and promise the kids VIP tickets to the concert the next night.

At Honey’s, Marvin realizes Emery is missing. He and Evan go across the street to the Huangs’ house where Jessica and Louis claim they have just made it home from their romantic outing. While Marvin is busy discreetly looking for a missing Emery, Jessica and Louis are preoccupied with lying about their night. Finally, Marvin finds Emery safe at home and leaves relieved. Emery is still in his room dismantling the Valentine wall. He realized that his parents have never been truly romantic with each other and that he hasn’t even seen them kiss romantically before. Jessica and Louis attempt to prove him wrong and blunder their way through an awkward kiss, complete with knocking their heads.

The next day, Marvin asks to have the kids over again in the hopes that they can shield him from Honey’s wrath. That evening, Emery confides in Marvin, who explains that love can be about small romantic gestures. He tells Emery of a story when Honey left him eggs to eat without even asking because she knew that, in that moment, he needed eggs. Honey overhears this and decides to forgive Marvin for his lie. Emery goes home to find his parents discussing car repairs. Louis tells Jessica he had splurged on getting their car serviced so that Jessica can look good in front of her clients. Jessica is touched and they share a passionate kiss which Emery secretly witnesses. He also puts his Valentines back up and presents his parents with a Valentine’s Day tax return form: “You guys overpaid in love this year so you’re getting 20% back.” That night, Eddie, Trent and Alison arrive at the concert to discover that they are sitting behind a massive pillar and can’t see Janet at all. The show ends there but we have to assume those poor kids spent the whole concert only taking in the live music.

“Love and Loopholes” was funny while also addressing how parents have to set an example in their own relationships so that kids can have an idea of what a healthy relationship looks like. The Huang kids, especially Emery, seem to have a clichéd idea of love and romance which changes in the duration of the episode. It’s also nice to see Eddie and Alison’s relationship developing. One has to wonder how long the relationship will last considering how fickle young love can be. The close connection, however, was definitely between Trent and Eddie. Fresh off the Boat makes sure that friendship is also included in its Valentine’s Day episode which is a welcome addition to the spectrum of loving relationships.

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