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This week’s episode of DC Legends of Tomorrow was action packed! And it should be since it wrapped up its Cold War story arc. Professor Stein is Dr. Vostok’s prisoner in Soviet Russia, as they plan to manufacture a Soviet Firestorm. This, of course, will bring on the mutual annihilation of both America and Soviet Russia. Rip and Stein, along with the rest of the Legends, are trying to stop this from happening. But will they succeed?

We catch up with Stein as he is informing Cisco that he has developed a formula for a quantum splicer which should stabilize the thermacore when it is in the host body. However, when Cisco calls Stein “sir,” he is immediately suspicious. His suspicions are confirmed as he sees that who he thought was Cisco was actually Dr. Vostok in disguise. This is when he is confronted by Vandal Savage, the immortal villain who demands the information out of him.

Meanwhile, Jefferson can feel his connection with Stein. They are still connected because of their fusion as Firestorm. Jefferson seems to be blaming himself for Stein’s capture. In the next room, the heroes are getting ready to break into labor camp #54, or Gulag, to free Stein, Ray and Mick. Gideon, the AI, informs them that no one has broken into the facility, ever. Sara suggests they get help from the Russian mob (insert Russian stereotype).

They track down a man named Yuri in a sauna, of all places. They convince him to help them, and by convince I mean use some cool fight scenes. Eventually, Yuri decides to help because he doesn’t like Vandal running a criminal enterprise from his country. So he informs them of an access point and the team puts together a plan. However, Rip secretly asks Sara to carry out a Plan B in case Plan A doesn’t work. She must assassinate the Professor if they cannot rescue him because if he goes through with the experiment and becomes Soviet Firestorm, then America will be destroyed by 2016.

Rip forbids Kendra and Jefferson from helping in this rescue mission. Seeing that Jefferson and Kendra are both Vandal’s targets, he doesn’t want to hand them to Vandal on a platter. However, Kendra and Jefferson don’t resign themselves to the bench either. They figure out that any cuts on Jefferson will also appear on the Professor and they can use this to send a message. They do  Jefferson carves “We’re coming” into the Professor’s, as well as his own, arm.

The plan is put in motion. Rip drives a truck into the prison, using the access point Yuri has provided them with. Sara and Len move in. Sara, however, is not on her top game, mostly because Len keeps guilt-tripping her over possibly having to kill Stein. Their plan is to dress up as a Soviet officer (Len) and as a corpse (Sara) being wheeled into the facility. As they are carrying this out, Sara and Len part ways. His priority is to find Mick so he leaves Sara to save the future… alone. Meanwhile, Stein is visited by Vandal since Vostok is not able to make him talk. And Vandal gets creative. He has Ray and Mick strung up and ready to be tortured. Stein eventually decides to give the information and Mick and Ray are carried back to their cells. Back on the ship, Gideon informs Rip that the future faces a 99% probability that American will be destroyed in the future.

Before Stein shares the information with Vostok, he gives a touching speech about freedom in America and how Vostok is on the wrong side of history. Vostok doesn’t seem bothered and her version of the future seems to be cementing. Rip is worrying about this on the ship when Kendra and Jefferson propose a Plan C. The plan is for Kendra to fly Jefferson in, who will then have twelve seconds to get to the circuit breaker and shut off the electricity to the facility. This sets up the perfect moment of redemption for Jefferson after his running injury.

Kendra and Jefferson act fast. Jefferson pulls it off and shuts the electricity down, causing chaos and panic. The cherry on top: his “Barry Allen who?” line at this moment. But, it’s a little too late because Stein is now out of time and has to share the formula with Vostok. She also sees the message on his arm and figures out that someone must merge with Stein to create the Soviet Firestorm. She decides it will be her. Vostok transports Stein and herself into the reactor. Sara has a slim window during this to shoot Stein and stop the terrible future from happening. But she decides against it. This allows Vostok to carry out her experiment, and she merges with Stein to become the Soviet Firestorm. Vostok comes out of the reactor, mad with power. Since Vostok can’t control the nuclear splicer, her and Stein are both looking at death unless they un-fuse.

Len is able to find Mick and, after some light discussion about whether they should rescue Ray, they all escape. During this, Vandal senses Kendra is near. He does exactly what Rip had predicted and corners her. But this time, Rip is ready. He jumps Vandal with a gun on him. They confront each other about their pasts. Rip is able to use the gun to get him and Kendra out of the room, but not before blowing it up behind them. Vandal is assumed to have been caught in the blast. Outside, Sara, Len and Jefferson work together to get Stein back. Jefferson confronts the Soviet Firestorm and appeals to Stein to fight. He does and is able to un-fuse. Vostok, however, is rendered unstable and has a meltdown. Sara, Len, Mick, Ray, Jefferson and Stein head back to the ship to meet up with Rip and Kendra.

Everyone is safely back and are enjoying some vodka, courtesy of Yuri. I suppose the show had time to sneak in yet another Russian stereotype. Stein and Jefferson reconnect as partners which will hopefully lead to some better cooperation between the two as Firestorm. Rip and Sara talk about their unsavory Plan B which involved assassinating Stein. Rip informs her that it’s good she didn’t kill Stein because it shows her humanity despite being trained as a lethal assassin. Sara credits Len with saving her from that awful act. It’s nice to see her interesting character development as she finds her way over to the good side. But it’s not all sunshine and roses. The ship strikes an explosive projectile shot by Kronos. They are knocked out of the time stream and land in Star City in 2046. The city is more of a wasteland. And the show ends with the Legends meeting a mysterious second Green Arrow. The show has more questions to answer now as the heroes move on to the next plot line of the season.

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