Schema Recaps Legends of Tomorrow : Season 1 Episode 6 | Star City 2046

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This episode may be a difficult one for die-hard fans of Arrow. The Legends crash land in Star City in 2046 in a future where it is essentially a thug-ridden wasteland. They meet a new Green Arrow that is NOT Oliver Queen and are understandably confused. Once back on the ship, Rip informs them that their only logical plan is to go back to their original time and make sure that they don’t let this future happen. But Sara questions if it will really be that simple.

The team establishes that they must find something called a neuromorphic interface which they need for Gideon’s logic and navigation interface. Ray informs them that Palmer Tech. had been working on a self-learning neuromorphic cortex and that, in the year 2046, there must be a prototype they can use. However, Palmer Tech. is now Smoak Tech. The team now has to extract it but Rip doesn’t want Ray and Sara going into the future of their home. Yet, Sara will not be held back. She goes in with Mick and Len to get the equipment they need. However, the ship still needs other repairs. Jefferson wants to use this opportunity to get closer to Kendra but Stein is quick to ask Kendra to help Ray work on Gideon while Jefferson and he make engine repairs.

The team is almost at Smoak Tech. when they are attacked by a rogue gang. New Arrow is helping the team fight them off. While Sara is hard at work fighting the ruffians, Mick and Len decide it’s a good time to loot a bank. On their way, they are stopped by the gang leader who challenges them. Mick is able to easily kill him and take his spot as the leader of the gang. Mick wants to stay and Len decides to go along with it. Meanwhile, Sara is cornered by New Arrow who calls himself Green Arrow. He informs Sara that Oliver Queen has been missing for fifteen years and is probably dead. He has been missing since “The Uprising” which marked the day an army attacked the city. Soon, they are joined by the man who brought in that army: Grant Wilson, the son of Slade Wilson.

Back on the ship, Jefferson is having problems being able to talk to Kendra. On the other hand, Kendra and Ray seem to be hitting it off while working on Gideon. Seeing this, Stein gives Jefferson a much needed pep talk so that Jefferson can be more confident. Stein also takes it on himself to talk to Ray and check whether he wants to pursue Kendra. However, in talking to Ray he accidentally gets him interested in Kendra. Feeling guilty, he tells Jefferson what has happened. However, this doesn’t both Jefferson. Feeling confident, he gets ready to ask her out.

Mick and Len are partying it up with their new gang. Len is pushing Mick to leave but Mick doesn’t want to. During this, Grant Wilson comes into their lair. He asks all the gang members to initiate a city-wide manhunt for Sara and the whole gang leaves with him. Len wants to help save them but Mick is pushing back. They decide to find them and have this confrontation later.

Meanwhile, New Arrow informs Sara and Rip that Felicity’s inventions were moved to Green Arrow’s old base. There, they discover an old Oliver Queen hiding out and he’s missing an arm! Instead of the Ollie everyone knows, he’s an old man who has a long, gnarly, white beard. They find out that New Arrow is actually John Diggle Jr., the son of the late Team Arrow member. However, New Arrow goes by Connor because he does not feel worthy of his father’s name. Sara finds out that everyone she knew is dead. Oliver tells her that if her and Ray had been there, it may have been different. Distraught, she asks Rip for an explanation. Rip tells her that this version of the future is just a possibility and that it will change as soon as Sara and Ray land back in their own time. They find the equipment they need but as soon as they do, there is an explosion. They are attacked by more ruffians just as Mick and Len arrive to help. They fight the gang off but when it’s over they realize the gang has taken Connor.

On the ship, Ray asks Kendra out. She turns him down saying that her life is complicated enough without romantic attachments. Jefferson overhears this and realizes that he must wait to ask Kendra out. Will Jefferson and Kendra get together in another episode? We have to wait to find out because just then, the rest of the team returns to the ship. Sara wants to help find Connor but Rip tells her it’s pointless. If they continue their mission and get back to Sara and Ray’s original time then this future will never exist anyway. Meanwhile, Mick and Len have a discussion about their future and possibly staying in this timeline. When Mick becomes too aggressive in the discussion, Len knocks him unconscious and imprisons him in a cell onboard. They confront each other about their manipulative relationship and continue to disagree about what they want from the mission. It isn’t resolved in this episode but at this point, they might as well be a bickering couple.

Sara and Rip have a heated argument about whether they should stay to help. Sara decides she will and so Rip warns her that he will take off in an hour, with or without Sara. With limited time, Sara takes off to rescue Connor. Sara goes to Oliver to ask him to suit up again. Rip, however, has waited long enough and wants to take off. But Gideon informs him that they can’t leave because the gang members and ruffians are gathering nearby to witness Connor’s public execution. It will endanger the ship if they choose to attack before the ship can take off. Using this delay, Stein convinces Rip to go back for Sara.

In the city, Connor is being taken to be beheaded by Grant Wilson. Before they can do it, another gang member brings Sara that he has captured trying to sneak in. However, this was just the distraction. In comes Oliver Queen, newly equipped with an awesome bionic arm and shooting deadly arrows. Grant Wilson and Oliver have a showdown as Kendra, Ray, Mick and Len also swoop in to help. Connor is able to shoot down Grant Wilson and the Legends win the day. When all is over, Oliver and Connor join forces to protect and clean up Star City and the team can leave guilt-free. The episode ends on a sweet note, with Rip and Sara reconciling. Their relationship is developing interestingly and Sara is now definitely Rip’s “right hand (wo)man.” The team decide to fly off to another point in space and time to find Savage and continue their mission.

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