Schema Recaps Fresh Off the Boat | Season 2 Episode 16 | “Tight Two”

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This week’s episode begins when Louis announces that Cattleman’s Ranch will be starting to allow take-out dining. The kids, however, have less on their plate this week. They spend the episode having a conversation about who they would kill and who they would eat if they were stranded with no food. The conversation is cut short when Louis comes home from work and he begins to entertain the kids with jokes, dance moves, and cake. In this particular scene, Eddie’s death scream over cake was particularly amusing and will resonate with many people for years to come.

When the kids are off to bed, Jessica and Louis talk about the staff at the restaurant. Jessica believes they are essentially incompetent. However, Louis insists they are great. Everything seems routine, that is until Louis breaks his leg trying to show off his dance moves to Jessica. Here we go.

Jessica decides that she will cover for Louis at the restaurant and he can stay home with the kids. However, Louis has one condition: Jessica can’t fire anyone. Jessica is at a loss for how to manage if she can’t rule with fear. And Jessica is right. Her first day at work goes wrong because Louis has told the staff she can’t fire anyone. So, the staff don’t bother to listen to her. Overwhelmed, she comes home to find that Louis is missing. She tracks down Louis at the diner and Louis confesses that he can’t be alone with the kids. He is afraid that the kids won’t idolize him anymore if they see him as human. He explains that the only reason the kids love him is because of his identity as the “two minute tornado of fun.” Jessica tells him he’s being silly and to try again tomorrow.

Meanwhile, at the restaurant, Jessica allows a family that ordered take-out to dine in because their kids changed their minds. Mitch informs her that if she does this, the staff do not get a tip but still have to clean up. Suddenly, Jessica comes up with a new idea to keep the staff in check. She starts a new service at Cattleman’s called to-go-to-stay, just to swindle the staff out of their tips.

Back at the house, Louis has no idea how to handle the kids. He suggests watching TV but Grandma is already watching her movies. Instead, he lets the kids draw on his cast, praying that they are slow drawers. When the kids ask him who he would eat without any food, he says Eddie without even blinking. I could not help noticing that Louis seemed to have already thought this question thoroughly through.

At the restaurant, Jessica is suspecting that the staff is calling in fake orders to cost the restaurant money. When she receives a call from a T-ball team, she tells them off thinking it is really Mitch. You guessed it, it’s not Mitch. But Jessica doesn’t have time to fix her mistake. It turns out that in a desperate attempt to entertain the kids, Louis let them saw off his cast. Jessica rushes to the hospital so that Louis’ leg can get re-cast.

When that is done, Jessica goes back to the restaurant to see that the staff is scrambling to serve a entire T-ball team, the same one from the phone. Touched by their hard work, she asks the coach to leave a tip. He refuses, referencing the new Cattleman’s to-go-to-stay service. So, Jessica tips the staff herself instead and agrees to end the whole to-go-to-stay service.

When Louis is at the hospital alone with the boys, they finally get to talk. Louis realizes that the boys are okay with just being around him and hanging out with him. Feeling all the love, Emery says he would offer himself up as food for them if they were stranded. Louis points out that Jessica would probably cook and eat them all before he could. Some time later, Louis finally gets his cast removed.

Let’s just say what came out of there wasn’t really a leg as much as it was a grey, decomposing twig. It’s a good thing TVs don’t have smell-o-vision yet because Jessica’s nose did not look happy. On the other hand, watching Randall Park’s chemistry with the kids was definitely a treat.

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