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Daredevil is back! All of Season 2 dropped on Netflix on Friday March 18 and I’ve been binge-watching since.

To refresh your memory: Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) is a blind lawyer, who fights crime as his superhero alter ego, Daredevil. Murdock and Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson) became friends in law school and opened up a practice in Hell’s Kitchen, where they met Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll), who needed them as counsel when she was accused of murder. Karen became the secretary for the law firm, Nelson and Murdock, where the three work together.

The Season 2 premiere begins with Murdock filtering through the various noises he hears at night. When he hears gunshots, he bolts and follows the noise. He chases down 4 masked robbers and beats them, leaving their limp, but still breathing, bodies for the police to find. This scene reminds us that Daredevil’s speed and fighting ability is superior to the average criminal, or to a group of criminals.

The next morning, Foggy and Matt are walking to work. Foggy discovered Matt’s crime fighting hobby last season, and this episode reminds us that Foggy is the voice of reason. He fears that Matt could get seriously injured, but Matt argues that he can’t take a night off because people get hurt when he does.

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When Foggy and Matt get to their office Karen introduces them to their new clients. Nelson and Murdock tend to represent honest working-class people who are unable to afford much. The alternative method of payment among previous clients seems to be fruit and pastries, which has left the law firm broke.

In the next scene, a bald Irish guy gives a speech to his gang about how the Chinese, Russians, and yakuza are gone, so the drug trade is theirs for the taking. With Wilson Fisk gone, criminals are competing to be the new Kingpin of Hell’s Kitchen. Just as he says “make Hell’s Kitchen ours again,” he’s assassinated by someone from outside the building. The whole gang pulls their guns and starts shooting at the window, but their efforts are useless. Except for one, all of them end up dead.

Meanwhile, Matt, Foggy, and Karen are at a bar playing pool. The one surviving Irish gang member, Grotto, shows up at the bar looking for Nelson and Murdock.


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He tells them about the massacre, his involvement with the gang, and because Matt can hear his heart beat he knows that Grotto is being honest. Grotto fears that people will think he’s a traitor or a rat since he’s the only one who survived, and asks Matt and Foggy to get him into the witness protection program. Matt says they don’t represent career criminals, and Grotto responds that he’s a criminal who wants to change careers. They agree to help him, then Grotto suddenly passes out on the floor from blood loss. He later wakes up in the hospital, with Karen, who pretends to be his wife, at his bedside.

As police are investigating the crime scene of the Irish gang massacre, Matt and Foggy look for answers. Sgt. Brett tells them that the massive gang-on-gang overkill has happened before. The new players in Hell’s Kitchen are a “paramilitary-type organization with the training, knowledge, and hardware to take out half the city.” Yikes.

To find out more information about this “paramilitary-type organization,” Daredevil crashes an attempted illegal gun exchange. He presses the would-be seller for information about a military grade gun supplier. Turk, the would-be seller, says he heard it has to do with Fisk, even though Fisk is gone. Daredevil follows the tip given by Turk, and looks around a warehouse in the meatpacking district. It is here that he discovers human bodies left to die, hung like meat carcasses. One man is still alive and Daredevil removes him from the meat hook. Daredevil asks him who did this, “tell me who they are.” To which the man responds, “No ‘they.’ Him. It’s one man.”

Back at the hospital, we finally see the man responsible for the massacre. Played by Jon Bernthal, the man carries a gun and marches through the hospital halls looking for Grotto. Karen and Grotto flee the hospital and manage to get in a car and drive.


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From a rooftop, the man has Grotto in his crosshairs, but before he can pull the trigger Daredevil tackles him. They are equally matched when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, but then the man pulls a gun from an ankle strap. He shoots, and Daredevil falls over the edge of the building. The cliffhangers in this season really encourage binge-watching. I highly recommend streaming Seasons 1 and 2 of Daredevil on Netflix now.

Overall, ‘Bang’ has set up Season 2 very nicely. Superhero shows are only as good as the villains, and this one looks promising. Like Daredevil, the villain has the training and ability to take out criminals. But Daredevil’s philosophy has always been rooted in law; he doesn’t kill criminals, he ensures they are caught and incarcerated.


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