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The Punisher at a pawn shop - Photo from
The Punisher at a pawn shop - Photo from

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Last episode Matt was shot in the head, which sent him falling over an edge of a building. Thus, ‘Dogs to a Gunfight’ begins with the ever-so-loyal Foggy Nelson searching rooftops building by building. He finds an unconscious Matt, who is still dressed in his Daredevil suit from the night before. After bringing him home, Foggy insists that Matt stays home and gets rest. Foggy reminds Matt that he could have died and he’s upset with Matt for continuing to put himself in danger.

Matt and Foggy at Matt's apartment - Photo from

Matt and Foggy at Matt’s apartment – Photo from

While Matt stays home, Foggy, Karen, and Grotto are at the police station to make deal with the District Attorney. Sgt. Brett tells Foggy and Karen that the shooter is an independent vigilante who targets crime families. This episode plays up the fact that Daredevil has inspired copycats to take justice into their own hands. Brett says, “Daredevil kicks ass and the whole city cheers like we just won the World Series. But this guy? He does it, and the streets get bloody.”

They are calling the new vigilante, ‘the Punisher.’ According to Brett, the police are divided about the Punisher; some want him off the street, but some think he’s making their jobs a lot easier.

District Attorney Reyes tells Grotto that he must help them catch a major criminal if he wants to be placed in Witness Protection. They use pictures of the Punisher’s victims to motivate Grotto, telling him that the Punisher doesn’t stop until his targets are killed.

The Punisher at a pawn shop - Photo from

The Punisher at a pawn shop – Photo from

At a pawn shop, the Punisher buys a NYPD mobile communications rig, a surveillance tape of him in the store, and a double barrel gun. The storeowner is eager to keep selling to him, and before the Punisher leaves he offers to sell him child pornography. It is implied that the Punisher beats and kills the pawn shop owner, which demonstrates the Punisher’s moral code: he has an intolerance for child porn peddlers.

Karen is rattled from the whole hospital shooting. She thinks that violence follows her, citing Wilson Fisk from Season 1 as an example. Foggy assures her that the Punisher was after Grotto, not her. She says she might deserve it, alluding to the moment in Season 1 when she shot and killed James Wesley (Fisk’s right-hand man) unbeknownst to Foggy and Matt.

Karen visits Matt at his apartment - Photo from

Karen visits Matt at his apartment – Photo from

Back at his apartment, Matt struggles with his senses, a result of being shot in the head. Karen shows up to Matt’s apartment to check up on him. She knows that Matt isn’t really sick and that he lies about where he gets his injuries from. She catches him up on everything that happened with the D.A.’s Office, including Grotto’s deal to help catch a drug-dealer. Once again, we are reminded of the parallels between Daredevil and the Punisher. Karen says the Punisher was inevitable because they let Daredevil practice vigilante justice and applauded him for it. Daredevil’s actions opened the door for “men with guns, men who think the law belongs to them.”

Matt visits his costume designer, Melvin, who tells him that the Punisher placed his shot perfectly. If he had shot him an inch in either direction, Matt would’ve died. Then, Matt goes to the scene of the Irish gang massacre and surveys the damage. He notices a chain with dog hair and blood on it, and follows the blood drops down the street. From a street corner, he hears police chatter from the NYPD radio the Punisher had just bought. This leads him right to the Punisher’s apartment, which is the new home for the Irish gang’s injured dog.

Meanwhile, it’s time for Grotto to wear a wire and catch a drug-dealer. His objective is to get Brass to admit he’s dealing drugs again. Close by, Foggy and Karen are watching Grotto from the cameras and listening by radio. When Grotto goes out to meet Brass, it becomes clear to Foggy and Karen that the police are using Grotto as bait for the Punisher. Just like in the first episode, Daredevil interrupts the Punisher before he can take out Grotto. As the two fight on a rooftop, the police are given the order to take out the Punisher, even though they don’t have a clear shot. Grotto, who was unaware of the DA’s Office ulterior motive, flees the scene when he gets the chance. Daredevil and the Punisher fall through a glass skylight and drop into a building. When the NYPD and Foggy get to the building, they are gone.

The Punisher - Photo from

The Punisher – Photo from

Overall, this episode humanizes the Punisher, it shows the audience a softer side to the villain. We know that he didn’t kill Daredevil when he could have. The Punisher also provides some reasoning for his method of justice: he kills criminals so that they can’t hurt people again, and believes that he is killing bad people who deserve it. The Punisher thinks that Daredevil’s method of justice doesn’t work because the criminals will get out of jail and commit crimes again. Daredevil’s rationale is that it’s not for them to decide who lives or dies.

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