Jane The Virgin’s Chapter 36 | Kidnapping, Theft, Babies, and a Proposal

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Jane The Virgin

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Pitched as a narrated, telenovela-styled series of a virgin, Latina girl who ends up accidentally, artificially inseminated, it was uncertain the reception Jane The Virgin would garner at its initial conception.  As it has continued on, more Jane The Virgin fans tune in every week, its popularity on a continual rise.  Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez consistently pairs the hit television series with her exemplary performance every episode and she does so again in this week’s Chapter Thirty-Six.

After a torturous week-long wait, Chapter Thirty-Six offers what so many Jane The Virgin fans have been waiting for: Jane and Michael, together and blissful in love.  Set two weeks after Chapter Thirty-Five, Jane and Michael are almost nauseatingly cute as they send “I love you” texts while eating dinner across the table from one another.  But their reunion has been greatly anticipated by #TeamMichael fans and seeing Jane ooze with happiness will put smiles on all.

When our two lovebirds surprise each other with gifts on their would-be-one-year-marriage-anniversary, Jane’s storyline picks up.  Michael gives her the newest book (he even splurged for a hardcover) written by Jane’s favourite author, Angelique Harper.  Their romanic dinner gets postponed when Jane realizes Angelique has stolen her book idea!  Jane thinks back on when she met Angelique, whom had requested a massage and, in exchange, would read Jane’s chapter that she’d written.  The rest of the couple’s evening is squandered going over copyright laws and finding proof of Jane’s idea.

The, Once Again, Happy Couple: Jane and Michael

The, Once Again, Happy Couple: Jane and Michael

Unfortunately, while searching, Jane pulls up a bunch of old emails between her and Rafael, all of which have gushy subject lines that immediately disquiet Michael.  Jane spends this episode daydreaming with regret.  Because of the tension between Michael and Rafael, she imagines what life would have been like if she had never broken up with Michael.  She envisions a picturesque little family of four.

Meanwhile, Jane’s father, Rogelio, is being Misery-ed, still hostage in his own home by his prison pen pal, Paola (formerly known as Lola), who is now his new assistant, stalker, and psychotic captor.  Shackled all day and force fed sleeping pills at night, after two weeks, Rogelio has gained a semblance of Paola’s trust.  They happily lounge in robes, eat dinner together, and take fake vacation pictures to post on Twitter.  Across the screen, we see #RogelioDeLaDayLewis and other comical hashtags.  By doing so, we understand that Rogelio is acting his way through this nightmarish situation, and it also keeps the atmosphere light and in accordance with Jane The Virgin’s overall tone

Rogelio and Paola On Set

Rogelio and Paola On Set

Rogelio gets the chance to send a cryptic warning when he asks Lola to send a text on his behalf.  He relays a coded cry for help meant for Jane’s mother, Xiomara.  Hopes are dashed when his plea is found to be too confusing and Xiomara deciphers it as an insult.  Poor Rogelio will have to find another way.

He gets a chance at escape when he sneakily hides one of his sleeping pills which he later slips into Paola’s drink.  She passes out but before Rogelio makes any headway, she wakes up again.  Rogelio finds a firearm and pulls the trigger…of a fake gun with a little flag that pops out the barrel.  Furious, Paola knocks Rogelio out with one of his awards and we are left to wait another week to find out more.

Xiomara and Jane’s grandmother, Alba, have a highly emotional episode together, as they confront a sensitive subject.  Alba, whom has shamed Xiomara into feeling guilty and amoral about her choices in her sex life, is forced to face her hypocrisy when Xiomara finds out Alba slept with someone named Pablo before marriage.  The two have a feisty face-off in which Xiomara accuses her mother of slut-shaming her since youth.  After her mother leaves upset, Jane speaks up in support of her to Alba.

Before the episode ends, Alba opens up about being publicly shamed for her relationship with Pablo.  She shares her fear of Xiomara receiving a similar treatment.  In Alba’s attempt to prevent her fear from coming true, she shamed Xiomara herself, and expresses regret in not sharing this with Xiomara sooner.  Tears are shed as Alba and Xiomara patch things up, reminding the audience that Jane The Virgin is essentially about these mother-child relationships and the sweet but recurrent turbulence of family. 

Petra spends the episode deeply worried about Rafael, whom has been sighted drinking, partying, and sleeping around an abundant amount.  Rafael’s spiralling is due to the rejection of the both Jane and Petra in the previous episode.  After being reprimanded by Petra, he decides to shift focus.  Working with Michael and the police force, he aids in the effort to track down Mutter.  He then reaches out to his half-brother, Derek.  Because of this, Michael and Rafael end up driving together when they finally exchange sincere apologies.  Jane’s two great loves are now getting along, though different from how her daydreams play out.

Thick tension Between Petra and Rafael

Thick tension Between Petra and Rafael

Petra and Jane bond when Jane shares how Angelique stole her book idea.  The two crash Angelique’s book signing and Petra prepares Jane by teaching her how to maintain a tough attitude and assert power through her tone.  As Jane is about to confront Angelique, Petra’s water unexpectedly breaks.  They rush to the hospital to deliver the twins.  Jane talks to Petra throughout the entire experience, eventually sharing her regrets about her break up with Michael.  Petra, clearly in pain, says that if nothing was wrong in the first place, they wouldn’t have broken up.  This will cause great stress for #TeamMichael fans, as Jane mulls over Petra’s dooming comment.

Jane distracts Petra by reading from Angelique’s book.  It then occurs to Jane the differences between her idea, and Angelique’s.  This was an abrupt ending to the Angelique storyline, but the audience is swept past this as Jane coaches Petra during birth.  She even uses her new, tough voice to keep Petra focused.

Traffic keeps Rafael, accompanied by Michael, from arriving at the hospital in time to see the birth of the babies.  While sad, it gives us the chance to see Jane and Petra strengthen their relationship.  It is beautiful to see these two share such a momentous event. 

An Emotional Petra During Labour

An Emotional Petra During Labour

Leaving the parents with their new daughters, Jane and Michael meet outside.  Still fresh off Petra’s comment and Jane’s fantasies of what could have been, she tells Michael that she doesn’t want to go back to the way things were.  There were problems in their relationship then, Jane explains, which convinces Michael, and the audience, that she is mid-way through a breakup speech.  But Jane continues, and we realize that she has decided to let go of the past and live in the (very happy) present.  With that, Michael proposes – or rather, he tries to.  Jane interrupts, happily squealing “yes” over and over again. 

What will change now that Jane and Michael are engaged? Does this mean the end for Jane and Rafael?  What sort of conflict will Derek’s arrival create?  What will Pablo be like and why is he presumably ‘bad luck’?  How will Rogelio make amends with Paola after trying to kill her?  And where was Luisa during this episode?  After watching her struggle with her relapse, many were wanting to see her story continue.  Luckily, CW has just announced that Jane The Virgin is renewed for another season.  Fans will be pleased to know Jane’s story is not quite finished yet.

– Michael amusingly blocks himself from having sex with Jane, then unsuccessfully tries to take it back.
– Rafael, not wanting any more surprises, has educated himself on every type of contraceptive.
– Rogelio’s phone passcode is, very suitably, 007, which is awesome.
– #PowderPantyPocket.  Oh, Rogelio.
– Jane tries to explain that the chosen names for the twins, Elsa and Anna, are from the beloved movie Frozen and the narrator dryly says, “Let it go, Jane.”  (The narrated style slowly grew on me.)
– The Scandal tribute entertained and nailed the details.  It was quite enjoyable.

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Watch the promo for Chapter Thirty-Seven here.
Catch the next Jane The Virgin episode: Monday, March 21st, 2016 at 9:00pm on CW.

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