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In this episode of Daredevil, Matt has to wrangle Elektra and Frank Castle in one intense episode. Nelson and Murdoch decide to take on Frank Castle’s case. Elektra is back in Matt’s life, and she brings with her a trail of criminals. And Matt and Karen seem to be going steady. How long can Matt juggle all this and be the protector of Hell’s Kitchen?

After dealing with the Yakuza on Elektra’s tail in one beautifully choreographed fight scene, Elektra and Matt reluctantly catch up at a local diner. Matt wants to know what Elektra is doing back and why the Yakuza are after her. She informs Matt that her money is invested in a company called Roxxon who the Yakuza apparently work for. She has stirred something with the company they didn’t like and so she has Japanese ninjas after her. Matt, having had enough of Elektra, asks her to leave New York. But that’s not exactly Elektra’s plan. Elektra asks Matt’s help in taking them on and then she will leave the city. Matt accepts, but not before making Elektra promise that she will not kill. The chemistry and tension between the two characters is an exciting turn for the story. Elektra and Matt seem to be so alike but also polar opposites of each other.

Nelson and Murdoch is visited by the public defender who is on Frank Castle’s case. He came to confirm statements and lets the team know that Frank Castle plans to plead guilty and will likely face the death penalty. Reyes, it seems, is stacking the deck against Castle and the public defender isn’t putting up any fight. Matt wants Nelson and Murdoch to take Frank’s case to save him from the death penalty and negotiate and better plea deal.. Foggy, our beloved voice of reason, thinks this is a terrible idea. He argues that going up against Reyes will hurt the practice. However, Matt insists that Frank Castle was only trying to do something noble and needs justice. So Foggy reluctantly agrees to take the case.

The team gets to the hospital where Frank is currently held to talk to him about their offer. Matt tells Frank that someone in the DA’s office wants him dead. Reyes interrupts them and she is not happy that Nelson and Murdoch are derailing her plans. By now though, she can’t do anything because Frank accepts Nelson and Murdoch’s offer. The team is just going over their strategy when Matt is whisked away by Elektra’s driver. Foggy, of course, is not happy about this. It’s probably also not a good time for him to find out that Matt and Karen are dating. But he does. Hopefully, the team dynamic stays the same because, usually, relationships in close groups aren’t good for chemistry.

Elektra briefs Matt on their mission for the day. Roxxon is having a gala in their building which also is the home of a secret ledger that details all their illegal activity. Once at the gala, the plan is to avoid their heavy security, get into the heavily guarded office, steal the ledger, and get out. As Elektra says, “it’ll be fun.” At the gala, Elektra locates a man named Gibson who has the key card they need. So Matt, putting on his poor blind man act, spills a drink on him. Daredevil does an amazingly great job of turning Matt’s disability into an asset. Gibson, expectedly, goes to the bathroom to clean up where he is ambushed by Matt. Now with the key card in hand, Matt and Elektra go looking in the building.

Back at the hospital, Foggy and Karen are faced with the 37 murder charges and 98 lesser charges Frank Castle is accused of. Foggy and Karen hesitantly go to talk the case over with Frank. Frank admits he wants to plead guilty but wants to talk to Karen only. Foggy uses this time to negotiate a plea deal with Reyes. In the meantime, Karen admits to Frank that the official police report of what happened to his family seems false and someone is burying the truth. Foggy returns with good news. He has gotten Reyes to drop the death penalty and negotiated the punishment down to one life sentence. Foggy suggests Frank take the deal, and Frank agrees to do so.

Back at the gala, Matt and Elektra find the office they need. Matt opens the safe easily but the ledger isn’t there. While looking, Matt discovers a room behind a wall. By the time he does so, security discovers Gibson unconscious in the bathroom and his key card missing. Elektra and Matt escape the office but security is closing in. To avoid getting caught, they pretend to be a drunk couple who has snuck into the top floors to have sex. Sexual tension is clearly high. Once they are out, they discover that the ledger has records of weapons, drugs, and human trafficking. But there is one page in code which begs the question: What is worse that all those crimes which needs to be hidden? The Roxxon corporation is an interesting departure from the crime conflict we have been seeing. Hopefully, this will lead to an examination of capitalism and corporate greed.

At the hospital, the judge, the DA along with Foggy and Karen are all ready for the whole Frank Castle ordeal to be over. They have the hearing in Frank’s hospital room. When the judge asks Frank how he pleads, Frank pleads: “Not guilty.” Foggy and Karen realize they are in for something they didn’t sign up for. That night, Foggy confronts Matt for abandoning the firm when they needed him. He informs Matt that Reyes has fast tracked the trial. Next week, Daredevil becomes the battlefield for The People vs. Frank Castle with Nelson and Murdoch at the front-lines.

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