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This week’s episode saw Alex and Hannah work together, perhaps reluctantly, to stop the second terrorist that no one else knows about. Neither Alex nor Hannah completely trust each other, but they need each other’s help if they want to stop this new menace. During the flashback, the team is dealing with the aftermath of the attack at the FBI training facility. Logan is concerned about Alex’s mental health since the ordeal. She is going through counseling to deal with the trauma. Everyone else is shown dealing in their own ways, whether that’s taking pause or jumping straight into the next task at hand. Speaking of which, the task for the week is crisis management. The class is moved to a warehouse for a secret exercise.

In the present day, Alex convinces Hannah to investigate this new terrorist and they find out that something is going to happen that day. The only rational thing to do is to watch Senator Haas to stop whatever attack is being planned against her. If you recall, in a previous episode, Alex had to switch the senator’s pills on the terrorist’s orders. As they watch her, she suddenly feels dizzy which Alex and the gang believe to be caused by the suspect medication. Hannah jumps the gun and tackles a man she thinks is acting suspicious. This, obviously, upsets the Senator because Hannah pulled this stunt at her public event.

Alex visits Hannah at the FBI headquarters to discuss strategy. Frustrated by the slow moving investigation, Hannah snatches Alex’s cell-phone and calls the terrorist herself and asserts her position. Because of this misstep, the terrorist makes Alex take an envelope and put it under a certain seat at the Senator’s debate. At the venue, Alex places the envelope as instructed. Simon finishes his analysis of the envelope’s date and realizes it has a component chip that can knock out the power. Before Alex can retrieve the envelope, it is gone. The lights suddenly go off. It dawns on Alex that the Senator is running a temperature because of the pills. The pills were used to drive the Senator Haas’ temperature up so that heat detecting equipment can find her in the dark. This way, the terrorist can attack her and slip away before the lights come back on. Afraid of the impending attack, Hannah fires her gun in the air to create a panic and save the Senator from being shot.

In the flashback, the team finds out that their exercise is to role-play an airplane hijacking. Everyone is divided into teams of two and gets chances to run through the hypothetical scenario. But everyone keeps failing, miserably. No matter what they do, it seems that Logan has a way to make the scenario worse. Everyone is on the edge of giving up. Shelby, particularly, is hit hard by the exercise because until recently she believed her parents had died in an airplane crash. Shelby and Alex are determined to keep trying. Shelby makes one last honest and emotional appeal to the hijackers but she fails yet again. She is forced to relive her parents supposed deaths and betrayal repeatedly. Quantico takes this opportunity to address trauma and loss in a way that acknowledges and destigmatizes mental illnesses, which is always nice to see of a popular show. Eventually, however, Logan explains that what they are dealing with is a lose/lose situation and the plane must go down.

In the present, Hannah is arrested for shooting at the rally and she is suspended for her actions. She is lucky they didn’t dismiss her altogether. Alex wants to come clean to everyone but Hannah stops her. She tells Alex that if anyone can stop this, it’s her. It was nice to see these two women go from feeling animosity towards each other to coming to understand each other and not letting a man come between saving the city unlike many other shows do. Hannah also warns Alex not to bring Ryan into this because she is very protective of him. Alex realizes that she must solve this one alone. Unfortunately, Ryan decides to confront Alex about what’s been happening. He blames Alex for setting Hannah up to take the fall for something she did. Ryan lets is be known that he doesn’t trust Alex and is gunning for her now. Talk about irony.

Back in the past, Raina and Nimah are fighting about what to do about the investigation the FBI is conducting of the attacks. Previously, Raina had gone undercover on a secret mission for Miranda and is now facing serious consequences. Nimah wants Raina to rat Miranda out but Raina doesn’t want to let Miranda down, especially after she has just lost her son. Before Raina can do anything, however, Miranda tells her she has already told the truth about everything. Miranda addresses the class and gives a heartfelt speech about lose/lose situations. She also announces that she is stepping down from teaching. Consequently, Logan asks Ryan to come back to fill her place. Quantico will definitely get exciting now that Ryan is back in the flashbacks!

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