Schema Recaps Daredevil Season 2 Ep 9 ‘Seven Minutes in Heaven’

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Frank after killing everyone. From
Frank after killing everyone. From

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The episode begins with Wilson Fisk being taken to jail. Once he is in jail, he meets up with his lawyer, Benjamin Donovan, who tells him that they could not appeal his case. While in his cell, an inmate calls Fisk “the boogeyman of crime,” which conveys Fisk’s undeniable reputation very early on. Fisk calls back, identifying the inmate by his last name, Dutton, letting him know that he is not the only one with a reputation New York City’s crime scene. This man tries to intimidate him and implies that he runs this prison. Another inmate, Stewart Finney, comes up to Fisk in an attempt to start an alliance with him.

Fisk meeting Dutton. From

Fisk meeting Dutton. From

Fisk calls for Donovan to meet him once again. He arranges to pay off Finney’s lawyer, as well as the mother of two inmates who are acquainted with Finney, thus securing their alliance. Finney comes to meet Fisk at his cell and hands him a newspaper with the headline stating that “The Punisher” is in trial. Later, a man dressed in white, a “newbie,” approaches Fisk. He greets the newbie enthusiastically, acknowledging that this man is none other than Frank, The Punisher.

In Matt’s apartment, Elektra is pouring what seems to be hot wax onto Matt Murdock/Daredevil’s back, which knocks him unconscious. As he wakes up, he calls for Elektra, and asks her where “the boy” is, “the one [she] killed.” Elektra wanted to be a good person for him, but she knows that is not who she really is, and she becomes sentimental about her past. Matt mentions that he fell in love with her despite Stick telling him not to get close to anyone. Elektra confesses that she loved him too, but she doesn’t want to be judged for who she is and insists that they should stop corrupting each other. The scene ends with Matt saying goodbye to Elektra as she leaves his apartment.

Elektra and Matt. From

Elektra and Matt. From

At the jail, Fisk wants to provide Frank with closure by giving him Dutton, who was involved in the massacre of Frank’s family. Ultimately, Fisk convinces Frank to join his side and promises Frank safe passage to Dutton’s cell block. Frank accepts his offer, but states that this is a one-time deal.

Foggy confronts Matt about how Matt’s double life is affecting their firm and their friendship. He suggests that they should close the office for a few weeks, especially after the events that just transpired at the trial. When Foggy says they need time to rethink things, Matt interjects that time isn’t going to change who he is. Instead, he suggests that Foggy should consider closing the office for good and start over without him.

Karen Page walks into the Nelson and Murdock office, looking for Foggy. Karen shows him the pictures from the day Frank’s family was killed. She discovered a missing body in the photos and when she tried digging deeper, she could not find a death certificate for that body. Foggy says to let it go and that the trial is over, but Karen insists this could be the key to exposing the cover-up. Foggy dismisses her and says that that’s somebody else’s problem now, and that both of them should “start looking for a life outside this office.”

Daredevil attacks a group of men inside a parking lot, demanding information about the Hand. The only man left alive, Stan, tells him that his son is being held at a place called the Farm.

Karen and Ellison . From

Karen and Ellison . From

Karen enters the New York Bulletin office and encounters Mitchell Ellison, who asks her about the Frank Castle trial. They go to a private office where she shows him the same pictures she showed to Foggy. Ellison sees that this evidence could help them find out who their John Doe is, and Karen hints that he should continue with it. Ellison indicates to her that they should work on the case together.

At the prison, Frank goes to Dutton’s cell block, which a police officer (who is working with Fisk) lets him enter, telling him that he has seven minutes. He has a shiv in his hand, and, upon entering Dutton’s cell, cuts the throat of one of Dutton’s cronies and covers Dutton’s mouth, telling him they should have a talk.

That night, Karen and Ellison visit Doctor Gregory Tepper, hoping that they can learn more about Frank Castle’s case. Karen shows him the pictures, and the doctor confirms that the body that was removed in the pictures is the John Doe; he was an undercover cop. This leads to Karen’s realization that the whole ordeal was a sting.

Back at the prison, Frank begins asking Dutton questions about the murder. Dutton gives in and tells him he was there making a drug deal. Then, Frank demands to know who started the shooting, and Dutton informs him that it was a sting. The feds infiltrated one of the gangs because they found out how big the deal was and they were only after the man who was in charge of the whole operation, who goes by “Blacksmith.” Frank ends their conversation by stabbing Dutton with the shiv. As Frank attempts to exit the cell block, a wall of police guards refuse to open the door for him. Instead, the guards open the gates for the rest of the inmates in the block, thereby allowing them to attack Frank. Fisk calls to him from the floor above, thanking him for his service, and Frank realizes he has been blindsided. Dutton’s men attack him, and he fights back, single-handedly killing each and every one of them. Next, the guards enter the cell block, wearing riot gear, and they take him away to a private cell.

Daredevil enters a warehouse, where he grabs a member of the Yakuza by the throat and asks him about the Farm. Daredevil hears a bubbling sound and realizes that the bubbling substance is blood.

Karen and Ellison are back at the Bulletin office, and Ellison welcomes her to stay at the office and work on the case. In the office, she notices a folder with her name on it. She opens it and gets emotional over its contents. Ellison reminds her that Ben was the best researcher he’s ever known, which suggests that Ben had discovered something about Karen’s dark past. Karen asks Ellison if he read it, and he says yes, but that Ben didn’t care and neither did he.

Dutton and Frank. From

Frank and Fisk. From

When Fisk visits Frank in his cell, Frank confronts him about blindsiding him, which Fisk is not apologetic about. Fisk admits that his plan was to kill him, but not having Frank on his side would be to let his “gift” go to waste. Asserting his position in the jail, Fisk lets Frank know he is in control now and has set Frank free, and that he is giving him an opportunity to find the Blacksmith, encouraging Frank to kill his way into justice for his family.

Daredevil is being led by the Yakuza member to the basement where he heard the bubbling coming from. The basement has cages of people who are connected to tubes, their blood being pooled into a big container. As Daredevil attempts to release the victims, another Yakuza member throws knives at Daredevil’s head.

Dutton is in a hospital bed in the prison, tubed up, monitored, and unconscious. Fisk is having a meal beside his bed, telling him that his condition isn’t very good and that he will likely die soon. Next, Frank walks out of the prison disguised as a police guard in riot gear, and is picked up by one of Fisk’s men.

The episode ends with Daredevil in combat with the Yakuza member. The Yakuza member cuts off the tank with all of the blood in it and pushes it into an elevator. Then, he walks into the elevator and takes off his mask. Upon looking at his scarred face, Daredevil realizes that it is Nobu, who was previously believed to be dead. When he tells him that he is supposed to be dead, Nobu responds with “there is no such thing.”

Nobu after fighting Daredevil. From

Nobu after fighting Daredevil. From

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